I agree that there are performance issues with perandus packs, but it's a different issue. I use vaal cyclone and sometimes DC to Perandus packs, while I don't on other packs.
My scion is my main character and i always play sunder build. I play dual weild and my dps is around 100k and my attack speed gets up to 14-16aps with charges and 18-20 fully buffed + Vaal haste.

My play style is to leap slam in(very fast) spray the screen with Sunder with multistrike auto aim and me targeting the most dangerous looking minion. I am hoping to drop my hatred and pick up a dual curse setup but i have no luck with curse items. My attack speed is what makes me happy, i would be playing a cleave build with the exact same setup but i take the hit in damage and use sunder.

Problems i have:

- Mana is unsustainable with high attack speed, so i use soul taker.
- Sunder damage is very low, so i swap out for team play and boss kills(cleave)

My sunder damage with pots + totem(ap) in my hidout is 186k
My Cleave damage with pots + totem(ap) in my hideout is 309k

Because my gear is higher end i dont notice it damage difference to much in solo play - except Izaro and some rares. But in team play the difference between using sunder and cleave is night and day. I either take 3-4 seconds to kill them or i spend 7-8 seconds pounding and grinding and wishing my flasks would refresh.

- Conclusion - make Sunder better, because i like it and no one else is using it, ill use it and ill keep it, ill make it mine and show everyone how awesome it is.
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Sunder doesn't need a damage boost. It is already long range and does huge damage vs packs. It's OK if you need to use a different skill to kill bosses.
Face it, all of your suggestions are worse than this idea:
If the devs want to buff it, fine by me. :) But overall, when I first saw the skill I was very underwhelmed. Now, however it is easily one of my favorite melee skills since Reave. Love it to death.
Unique SunderingAxe , Wings of Entropy, would be an awesome weapon to use with sunder, Except Sunder only uses the main hand QQ : ( ( ( ( (
I've been playing a Sunder character recently, and I have to say that the damage and clear speed seem fine, but Sunder feels really weak from an audiovisual perspective. Additionally it is next to impossible to tell how big the shockwaves are, which is a detriment to determining how much AoE is enough.

The sound effect for Sunder is a muffled boom, and the impact noise appears to be the same as the default weapon sound effect for whatever you are using, which mostly sounds like a small piece of wood being dropped on a table.

Visually, the initial ground effect appears quite substantial, but the impact shockwaves are barely noticeable. Much of the time I can't even tell which enemies were hit, how big the radius of the shockwaves are, if any enemies get hit by a shockwave, and so on.

Sure, enemies die, but I don't know how, or how much overkill I had, or how much AoE is enough. It also feels really pathetic.

I tried the Gore Sunder effect just to see if that would remedy things, but unfortunately it feels much the same as the basic skill effects.

Leap Slam, Ground Slam, and Earthquake all have much more significant audiovisual effects.

Just compare this:

To this:

Please update this skill so that we can actually see and hear the shockwaves.
As far as I know the AoE of the initial wave of Sunder wasn't affected by increases to AoE radius. With the changes to AoE now directly affecting the area, will the initial wave be scaled by increases to area?
As far as I know the AoE of the initial wave of Sunder wasn't affected by increases to AoE radius. With the changes to AoE now directly affecting the area, will the initial wave be scaled by increases to area?

The buffed Sunder is very good. Thx GGG, finaly i can use it in my build.
gloobonious wrote:
I doubt that the AoE shockwave can CoC.
EQ-shockwave doesnt do that as well - tried and checked every aspect with a trypanon CoC.

Wait wtf.. why would that not work, the shockwaves count as hits right?
I've been theorycrafting around this for so long. Can the shockwaves proc bleed? Chance to freeze/shock/ignite? Life/mana gained on hit?

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