Poeplanner - Online Passive Tree

I had an idea to improve functionality. I like that on mouse over it displays how many passive points would be needed to get, or would be gained from deleting a certain point on the tree. My suggestion is to also display what character effect these nodes would have added together on mouseover.

Picture yourself a noob in the witch starting area, and you need to decide to path left for the witch energy shield wheel, or if you should go down to the scion area and grab those es nodes. this function would allow you to quickly mouse over the options and choose which gives me more es for less points and the program would just GIVE you the information instead of writing a bunch of stuff down or alt-tabbing between build variations. This would also allow you to hover over the large end nodes of clusters and and see the minor nodes on the way all added together, instead of hovering over each smaller node individually trying to keep it all straight in your mind.

Just my 2 chaos. I llllove the program. ty ty ty!!
How about IOS support. I need something to do at work and I can't look at passive trees!
A personal preference note, use Java to capture the keyboard shortcut ctrl / f and put focus to your search bar.

Functionality improved.

Just my opinion. Other than that fabulous work. xx

Can you implement https?
I get warnings in firefox when trying to log in. Thanks!
Not sure if it's been noted but any mods added by essences that can't normally be added, are not available. For example, I have a belt with intelligence on it, but I can't add that on the site. Perhaps an option to force-add mods?
Hey. The aura calc does not contain Envy from United in Dream. And incorrectly considers the percentage of mana reserved.
Screenshots PoE Planner/Mikelat's PoE Aura Calc
41% - 3% mana reserved from Helmet


I noticed that you cn add all the gear you have etc and it will update the stats incl. the passives. That's really nice. However, is there a way to add jewels to the skill tree? And activate auras and see how the stats change then?
Goddess unleashed have 6s fully link (as said on the wiki). The builder only allows for 3 it seems.
The unset ring mods list doesn't contain +X to gem level in it
can you make a beta tree version?
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