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I found one strange thing: there is no Overflowing Chalice in equipment :P
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100% recommended.
Don't allow the Hungry Corpse eat the Washed Up Exile beside you on The Twilight Strand. He's just like you.
Great tool, I'd love to see a total Stats page where every page is summed up.

Many thanks for the thorough tool. Would Essence support be possible in the future? Essences have powerful stats that otherwise cannot reflected in the planner, and not just the Tier 8 essences either. I use a Deafening Essence of Wrath ring, for example, and its 31% increased Lightning damage is not a valid mod.
Great tool, 100% recommended.
Thx for the great tool.

Do you increased Enlighten Level to 10 in future (in the Auras Tab)?
Level 6 is not enough! For Example:

+ Corrupted Enlighten Level 4
+ Corrupted Empower Level 4
in a Xirgil's Crank +1 Level to Socketed Gems
= Enlighten Level 9
Thanks for this online tool, OP! :-)

BTW, when is the resistance calculation going to be complete? Currently it's flaky, calculates some gear, not others, and not all resistances.
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pls fix bug with mana calc on grand spectrum jewels
I'm encountering a bug with both The Formless Flame and The Formless Inferno. When I use the search bar in the equipment section to look for them, they both show up in the list correctly, but mousing over them doesn't bring up a tooltip, and clicking on them doesn't create the item in the craftslot.
In the equipment tab, Abyssus' increased Physical Damage Taken penalty is mistakenly shown in the Weapon category. TY for the useful tool anyway.

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