Poeplanner - Online Passive Tree

Since poejeweller is now down probably forever it would be nice if you can add its functionality to the site.
Pretty nice work, i like!

There is no zoom option available?
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cant move or click anything in the tree :(
i use firefox- browser
Awesome stuff! You appeared out of nowhere and stole the show from poebuilder and PoESkillTree.

Just one thing, can aura state be included in a shareable link?
great tool, keep it going. It would be really cool if planned auras were included into build.
Just one thing, can aura state be included in a shareable link?

this is a planned feature! At the moment we are busy playing path of exile ourselves :)
Could you please add Heretic's Veil to aura calculator?

Clicking on a node changes the cost displayed on the tooltip to 0 or +0. After moving the mouse if changes to -1 or +1 as expected.
Can you please make nodes with in the Jewel Radii glow?

Size Value
Small 800
Medium 1200
Large 1500

Should be as simple as adding a check for those values (and letting us set if its small medium large or none).

This site is really good though, thank you!
Hi, thanks for the contribution, I've been using it during 2.2

Any words on a 2.3 update?
Culler-support build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1617230
Dedicated support build https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1702757

WTB 21/20 gems: generosity, wrath, haste, grace, determination

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