First Wave of Trade Improvements

still need to use aquisition cause pay to win.

this is not a trade system if you have to pay to get it
Huge QoL improvement.

So hyped for ascendancy.
Built in Acquisition-like functionalities? I goddam love you GGG. Along with being able to get the ilvl data this is making for some seriously great buffs to trading.

My only worry is that it's based on Premium Stash tabs. I have plenty of those, but I know a lot of people (several of my friends included) that have none. Hoping this will include giving like 2 to all accounts. Which should happen either way, because 4 tabs is just nowhere near enough of a starter point anymore with how much the game has grown since launch.
I hope that when the world comes to an end I can breathe a sigh of relief; because there will be so much to look forward to.
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This is amazing!
Nice addition!

New Head-enchants on white/rare ilvl 84 items may be more interresting to ppl than ilvl 70 ones.

So i hope we have an option to see the ilvl with this system.
cya Deathtiny
level fast, die young and leave a nice looking corpse!
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omg I love this !!!
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act normal, obey the law ... and repeat after me: I AM FREE.
Nice stuff, but don't but it behind a paycheck, please. That is a really bad move, please don't do this.
Wait until the system is ready to be released without premium tabs beeing required.
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Why just premium stashs? i don't get it

might actually actively trade for once
Monumental improvement! Looking forward to using this. I hope it's not super buggy at release.

Will the exchanged currency automatically go to that tab where the listed item was?

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