First Wave of Trade Improvements

Public Stash Tabs
For quite some time now, users have relied on third party tools to create posts of their stash tabs in the Path of Exile trade forums. There were always a few problems with this approach, though.

The first is that it wasn't that user-friendly. Downloading a third-party application that you need to give your login credentials to rightly sets off alarm bells for many people. A lot more users just didn't find out about these tools or were not willing to put in the effort to use them.

The second is that it was really inefficient. The trade forums were never designed to be scraped by indexers, nor updated that frequently. As more and more users have been using that system we have been running into more and more scaling issues.

In order to solve both of these problems we have introduced the concept of Public Stash Tabs. Any premium stash tab can now be set to public. Public tabs are available in a special API that is usable by third-party indexing websites to efficiently index all the items in near real time.

First, just set your stash tab to public.

Once a tab is public, when you right click on an item to add information about the item. This information will be put in the hover for the item, and in the API for third-party websites to index.

Using the drop-down box, you can set a price for the item. This uses the price description formats that are already supported by third-party websites so it will work from day one.

You can also set a price for the entire tab at once. Any prices set on individual items in the tab will override the per-tab price setting.

I would like to mention that the use of the public stash tab system is entirely optional. We are not preventing the use of any of the old tools, and they will continue to work so long as the third-party websites continue to index the trade forums.

Online APIs
A common issue with the third-party trading websites right now is the lack of reliable data about which players are online. To address this, we have created a new API that allows third-party websites to be able to get this information. The third party websites you use to find items will be updated to use this API soon!

This is the first of many trade improvements we plan to make. We would like to thank the community members that have put so much effort to making trade easier, and we hope to continue to support them with even more features as time goes on.
Path of Exile II - Game Director
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Stash Tabs Confirmed Pay to Win \( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)/ but in reality "near real time" is not gunna make a huge difference. Its more like pay to get an advantage which stash tabs were already..
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jesus thats hot
pretty cool!!!!!
time to go to work...
I need more purple titles
So what you are saying is that if I don't have any premium stash tabs, I can't sell stuff anymore?

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