First Wave of Trade Improvements

it'd be great if we could price items in said stashes on the poe website directly as well. that way we don't always need to be in game to setup our prices.
I've happily spent a bit of money on GGG over the years, and this is the first time I feel like they have actually failed their player base. Pushing trade via premium stash tabs without sufficiently stress-testing the backing API qualifies as a pretty severe blunder. I quite literally cannot buy a few chaos worth of gear to progress, because the game is balanced around trade and trade is currently unusable. I'll probably keep on buying supporter packs, but this qualifies as strike one in my book. Sorry GGG, but you don't get a pass on this mess. You've placed far too much emphasis on trade as an integral part of the game, while waiting far too long to implement realistic trade options.

We'll skip right past the money I dumped into a guild system that has seen precisely zero improvement since its inception. That was not a strike by itself, but rankles anew in light of this debacle.

This post has no purpose beyond me venting about the first time I feel seriously let down by a company I love.
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Please add a auto link wts line for every minute or so.

Its unbelievably annoying to keep havimg to post wts even if its copied
Where is the Second Wave of Trade Improvements???

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