First Wave of Trade Improvements

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MEL0N_L0RD wrote:
As someone who has been playing almost 6 months and hasn't yet dropped any cash (I will eventually), I have no problem with the fact they are using premium stash tabs as a basis for using Public Stash Tabs.

I've been using Acquisition for a few months and it's simple as heck and awesome. Using Session ID means even if the author wanted to they can't steal anything from me. If I had to use my POE login/password to use Acquisition I wouldn't use it and then I'd see why many are crying P2W, but since it doesn't you can't claim P2W.

Right now you can either use real money to get a premium stash tab, or use a no risk program that does the same thing. GGG is making it clear both options are good, will accomplish the same thing, so please don't say this is making things P2W. Saying so just makes you look like silly since there are SOOOOO many other games that are blatant P2W it makes no sense putting a game as great as POE in the same league as those games by throwing out P2W when it doesn't apply.

Also, muling in the game is ridiculously simple and generous on the part of GGG (I'm using a few on my wife's computer which will be abandoned when I get premium tabs eventually). Seriously, this game couldn't be further from P2W.


Thanks for writing that. This has to be the biggest QOL improvement I've seen in a F2P game. Very good job and thank you ever so much.
I will be donating more money for premium stash tabs once they go on sale again.
so, to be clear - I use the purchased tabs, will index off of it and show when I am online?
I assume this will also work for Steam users without any problem?
Skyfallkitten wrote:
mindfreakk wrote:
cipher_nemo wrote:
quote by Sure_K4y
I believe everybody would be perfectly fine with it staying exclusive to premium tabs under one circumstance, and that circumstance would be to give players a way to earn at least one or two premium tabs as some sort of league challenge reward, for example. That way, bots are pretty much excluded, it would become widely available, as well as being a free feature.

That's a good idea. And it reminds me of LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online), which was at the time driven by Turbine before they were bought up. They took an MMORPG and went from subscription to F2P, however their micro-transaction store was not just cosmetic items, it also contained content. The content was behind a pay-gate. That sounds horrible, but the beauty of all of this was that you could earn its MT currency by playing the game and completing things. So you can play your way to more content and never have to spend a dime, even if it took you longer to get there.

So if GGG decided to hand out Premium Tabs or Premium Tab Upgrades as some sort of reward, I'd be all for that. Because I truly enjoyed Turbine's MT model with LOTRO, in which their other title DDO (Dungeons & Dragons Online) was already using.

When I heard the trade improvements news and them being exclusive to Premium Stash tabs, that's what I thought. I hoped that the Perandus challenge league would award a premium stash tab, if that was the case I doubt anyone would complain.

That is a wonderful Idea. I remember playing Lotro (6yrs) I busted my butt and earned a lot just through playing their game plus bought extras with real money. I hope GGG consider something like that. It is a goal I would try to bust my butt to get.

Same here.

Imagine achievements in each league that would award a few points to make an effect or stash tab you want to buy a bit cheaper for you, because you've played the game more.

Grinding achievements, but different from the league challenges.

Like full clear every level, kill certain unique X times or use a currency X times.
I'm sure you can come up with many more.

Plus giving a player a few points they can the spend in the shop is a great way to let them know there is a shop and what's in it...
I guess it's either 1 or 48,000. Nothing in between, right?
How exactly is this pay to win?

Paying $1.50 to upgrade a normal tab to a premium tab is so minimal to even complain about.

Whether you have the premium tab or not you are not gaining access or restricting yourself to or from anything anyone else has access to.

IMO this is the only game that is F2P that doesn't make you feel like you have to pay to play the game. Everything that requires $$ is 100% optional. Including premium tabs.
Can someone please tell me how this is any different than aquisition? This is exactly what aquisition does. Or am I missing something?
Besides the fact you don't need to run aquisition. Wich frees up some RAM.
The only real difference i see is that i can choose when to be "online" and willing to trade with aquisition while I am always online with premiumstashtabs.
So to me this new feature is a QOL downgreat if I where to use it.

P.s. I understand if you don't us aquisition or procurrent for any reason that premium tabs are a big QOL.
-don't know aquisition or proccurement
-for some reason don't want to take 3 extra minutes minutes to send one mail to and make one shop thread.
-don't trust aquisition or proccurent?

P.p.s. This is not a post defenting how poe is not P2W. I am genuienly trying to underdtand ehy anybody that uses aquisition on norrmal tabs would upgrate to premium tabs.
Why am I showing up as offline on using new premium stash tab buyouts? I thought it was automatic now?
omg this fixes nothing !

The game still dont have a trade system!

will be back in 6 months to see if the game is playable

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