Skill Reveal - Ancestral Protector

one raised eyebrow

that is all.
can we please get some sort of buff icon so we know when we in range??

also a icon for when we have totem up like any other totem?

does IAOE work with this for more coverage area?
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Nice, but also a bit strange - executioner on crack? Let's try it out!
I have some reserve about this one

it will suffer from the same issues that Animate guardian suffers aka: Doesnt support a skill gem

also one of the issue i see with that totem is the same you have with Molten shell Totem, it doesnt aggro... same with RF totem before they increased RF's radius. Back in the days RF totem wasnt a thing because it was a pain to reposition the small AOE RF totem.

Imho wrote:
list of things to do before releasing it:

-they should remove Decoy totem and Merge it with that totem concept
-Make it a support gem that supports melee strengt gems

Note: Can you please consider making Animate guardian half decent before releasing stuff that has the same issues and serves the same purpose
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looks interesting, make it a copy of yourself so it will look cooler, or make look like a god.
I bet it does a lot better than shown, with some more support gems etc.

Attack speed boost from totem could be interesting.

Looks cool :)
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totem suck.

i just hope melee will be viable in this game.
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Looks interesting, can't wait to see the other ancestral totems ^o^
Now you guys just need to make Leap Slam totems...
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