Skill Reveal - Ancestral Protector

When you place the Ancestral Protector totem, a Karui ancestor appears, bound above the totem. Unlike other totems, the Karui ancestor will only remain active while its owner is closeby. However, while you're close to the totem, your own physical power is also bolstered, as the Ancestor grants more attack speed to its owner.

The Protector attacks with your strength, using your weapon with greatly increased range. It will attack a single enemy, but can be supported by Melee Splash to hit large groups. Here is a video of it in action, being used alongside other skills on a level 50 character.

Over time, we'll be introducing more Ancestral totems that fulfil a variety of roles. These will introduce new choices and playstyles for melee characters.
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first :)

Melee totem hype!!!

A gem that would make the totem move around would be pretty cool!
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Sexy. Weird though that it appears to have shit range.
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wew more summoner stuff hooray
Physical flame totem with an aura?
I'm not sure how a melee totem is going to be good for a melee character, but... okay!
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Looks interesring
I find it weird, but awesome!

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