Skill Reveal - Ancestral Protector

thing thing look so bad but so cool xD
Dual or triple totem with Azir in LoL :D I'll definitely try it ;) shame we dont have spears tough...
I think it's neat. Its shockwave totem that scales off weapon damage but requires melees spash for the same aoe. News is coming out earlier now for some reason, usualy you guys dont update for another 5 hours.
The exile is helping the totem and not the other way around.

Rip vs. ranged
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wow this totem looks HILARIOUS. I need to go Hierophant now, to get all 5 for some intense wack-a-mole action
I had always hoped for something like melee attack totem like there is for ranged. Sadly you don't get to pick the skill (although you get an aura to compensate), it just seems to hit stuff, but can be supported so that's interesting. Like someone else mentioned, tools to help melee be useful while moving around seem good, and it does have some scaling. I summon the mighty community to find some way to make this OP, like melee splash blind or something.
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I like it.
I agree, it looks silly/funny/cool. But don't criticize it yet, i'm sure someone comes up with a useful build. That's what I love about POE, make something out of seemingly nothing. HYPE it all.....
please don't tell me the last marauder ascendancy is whack-a-mole focused :(

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Can you define the range of "closeby"?
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