Skill Reveal - Ancestral Protector

Decoy totem is one gem and this we need to use xx links - good trade?
I wonder is it like ranged attack totem (with less dmg and as) or more like flame totem (with fixed values)?
The totem seemed to use the same weapon as the marauder. However, the naming of the skill gem suggest otherwise.
I look forward to build around it though :)
Hate the fact that you need to be close to it. Kinda defeats the purpose...
Not going to bash the skill, I just don't think I'll use it.

I will, however, bash the constant string of skill additions. Is anyone clamoring for these niche skill additions? Not that I read EVERYTHING on the forums, but I do frequently see people posting that they feel existing skills getting reworked is more important than adding new skills. There are quite a few existing skills that need work so why are all these new skills being added? Also, I do not see where a skill like this would fit (socket-wise) in an existing melee build. By the time you setup your auras, your CWDT, your "kill skill," your counter attacks, your curses or utility skills, and your "movement skill" where exactly is ANOTHER set of skills/supports going to fit?
We have a few good skills that can be nicely used with this totem, I mean:
- Infernal Blow + melee splash
- Wild Strike + melee splash
- Frostblades + anything
- Swipe
- Vaal Ground Slam? - risky

Basically you can melee splash it + add blind, and we are all set :)

I am going to remake my Infernal Blow Marauder with this totem.
So many comments regarding clear speed... Have you ever considered that not everyone wants to fly by the game and content while also prefering a slower cleer speed? Please try to understand that not everyone wants to play like you do..
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"the Karui ancestor will only remain active while its owner is closeby" uh... that's kinda weird tbh. with tons of area skills or even with melee splash, why not just kill the monsters by yourself? unless dual totem(or more with hierophant) can deal more dmg(while totem might have reduced dmg?) the only thing i can think about it having several totem beside bosses and one shot them might be nice?
but anyways, looking forward to that.
seems like it would be a good support

linking puncture then aura + bloodlust on main attack skill

or some kind of culling strike CoMK or dominating blow shinangans seems like it would be entertaining.

Ancestral Protector - Melee Splash - Multistrike - Added Fire Damage - (Melee Physical Damage) - (Minion & Totem Resistance)?

Gonna find a way to make this a main skill gem though...
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