[2.2+]Essence Drain RF UBER/ALL BOSS

I still think deadeye. Trickster is OK, but there is some fluff in there that's not all that useful. Deadeye is all good, IMO.
So far level 75 and able to do Atziri. Went scion with trickster/deadeye. Will link gear and tree. Super fun and somewhat easy getting the simple CWDT setup helped a lot with survivability when I added.


Still not sure what to go next on tree. Just pick up more life or grab another easy gem slot.
IGN: Flickinboogers
Oh, wow you have gotten far. My guy is still 65 I think (you can blame this on Perandus).

Life, life, life! Looking forward to you doing uber.
Last edited by Tessia on May 17, 2016, 5:08:50 AM
will this build be viable for 2.4? could it be used to build up currency?

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