[2.2+]Essence Drain RF UBER/ALL BOSS

Occultist is THE BEST class to pick if you go low-life or CI. There are a lot of "wasted" ES if you go life based, which even other classes have this problem.

Profane Bloom is very strong. Think about it as a free Abyssal Cry coupled with 10% more damage multiplier.
Nvm, saw your 2.1 gear.
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Which flasks do u recommend for this build?
Would a 6-Link Cloak of Flames be better then Tabula or 6-Link Lightning Coil?
I think 6L Lightning Coil is in most cases one of the best options for Lifebased chars.

What class did you guys pick scion or witch? thinking to restart an RF(even if not pure RF) char after long time, but dont really know with the ascendency. Occultist is nice but this char is Lifebased so is ES boost for nothing and i dont know if the 3 curses are so good.
Scion has the choice of all mini-ascendency classes. But i hate lvling them xD.
Its a hard chaoice. How are you guys gone in mapping bosses?
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If I was doing it over again I would pick scion since as you pointed out it's life based char.
There has not been much updating since the patch. How is the build working out in 2.2? And is scion a better choice as life based?
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I too would like to see anyone using this in new league? Did u go scion or witch? Still uber viable?
If going scion would trickster be better than deadeye?
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