[2.2+]Essence Drain RF UBER/ALL BOSS

You can leveling whit Orb of Storms & Spark from this guide. Very simple and nice stacking whit own build.

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OR you can Storm Call + Orb of Storms from this

Its 2 very strong and dont needed gear\passives builds for leveling.
I choose spark version, just because notlinked spark its very big damage spell, and whit +1 gem just OP.
OR you can that way:
Take firetrap as reward
Use molten strike and firetrap as attack skills. 
Start doing quest till 24.
Get a searing bond.
After acquiring searing bond (it is available @lv 24)
At lv 31 you should link searing bond with increased burning damage. Again this is vital for the damage ...

Leap Slam off Brutus for mobility.
Pick up Added Fire Damage
take Flammability.
Ftake Searing Bond. Use it while ground slamming and start using totem
take Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance.
take Increased Burning Damage.

aaaaaaaaaa SkillTree not Worked!!!!!
Update plz bro, pppplllllzzzzzz))))
any working skill tree?
upg to 2.2

PS: You can move a topic to Witch class?
Hey there, I'm thinking to roll an Essence Drain character and I still don't know what class to pick, scion seems very strong and also trickster have good utilities.

I'm curious about Profane Bloom, how it works? Is it good? Is the damage boost noticeable?
Good enough to pick occultist wich probably isn't the best choice?

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