Talisman Fan Art Competition Winners!

Awesome job! Congratulations to the winners!
Free Master Crafting Service (Breach): thread/1797112
Free Master Crafting Service (Essence): thread/1744527
Free Master Crafting Service (Legacy): thread/1857272
Free Master Crafting Service (Harbinger): thread/1952418
Amazing work, all of them. Too bad the image display on the forum is so bad :/
That top 4!! Simply stunning, great job everyone
Don't forget to drink your milk 👌
All of those images are incredibly well done, they all deserve first place imo. GG.
Congratulations to the winners.
Awesome job.
totally blown away at how good the winning entries are. (justindjg is my fave)
please do another contest next league.

looks like i'll finally get my first whispering ice in the race season (only 100 points!)
cheers ggg :)
that Warlock279 etching is going on my wallpaper, it looks so good, I wish it would be used on a div card or somewhere
builds: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1663570/
Really impressed! Hope this becomes a regular event each league.
When I kill a man he stays dead.
BestBrick's was my favorite.
Wow!!! Awesome work... and bestbrick just amazing artwork!!!!!!

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