Talisman Fan Art Competition Winners!

Gratz to all attendies, but i don't like any of those arts :(
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ING: Marxone
Ty for scam <3
Great work, such talent! GG!
A sword that only has might is not mighty.
totally blown away at how good the winning entries are. (justindjg is my fave)
please do another contest next league.

looks like i'll finally get my first whispering ice in the race season (only 100 points!)
cheers ggg :)

Thanks :D

Great. All my favourite ones weren't even mentioned. Why did these shitty drawings win anyway? What about the awesome Pixel art that was submitted? That was seriously cool stuff - not this generic wishwash
Awesome competition guys! Congratulations to all of the winners! Love to see more community competitions like this. Great job artists and GGG!!!
Thanks again for hosting this competition, GGG. Really cool of you guys to spend time arranging & judging. It's so rare these days that I get inspired to paint something, but this competition made me dust off the old Wacom pen, and I had a blast :-)
So awesome!!! I agree with the picks, great art tells a story from beginning to end.
"Another... Solwitch thread." AST
"Posts are for moderation entertainment purposes.
Amazing creations. Congratz winners!

Very nice guys! keep up the creative flow!
Wow, some serious talent among the players ! Congratulations to the winners !

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