Talisman Fan Art Competition Winners!

gosh that girl BestBrick has made.... damn i love it O_o
The art is astonishing.
- ''So this guy links a top tier DPS build thinking it's bad ass right''
- ''Turns out he can't sustain shit shit defenses shit in the mouth nice''
I'm so honored to have my artwork at the thumbnail of the forum post. Can't even describe that joy ;D
The rigwald tarot card is amazing. I hope it becomes a divination card.
IGN: Arlianth
Check out my LA build: 1782214
Very nice art all. Talented community indeed!
Wish I could "art".
Awesome job everyone!

woohoo... 200 points :D
I'm so hyped for the winterheart season the whispering ice reward look awesome!!!
Not sure how the 2nd image fits into poe. Only thing that makes sense is the wolves. The rest is pretty generic.
wow very impressive :O

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