Talisman Fan Art Competition Winners!

scorn72 image link is dead link, plz fix :)
Very top entry is well deserved, perfectly captures the mood of Talisman!
Damn I wish I was this talented. Grats to all the winners.
Completed 3 ChallengesAesir7 wrote:
scorn72 image link is dead link, plz fix :)

Thanks for the heads up! I've fixed it now :)
Really nice work, all. Beautiful!
Amazing artwork really well done to you all guys!
IGN: ConsumingInferno
Amazing artists.

Employ some GGG? ;)
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excellent stuff, thx! gotta go through the initial thread to check out the rest.
Prop's to all the winners and frankly all of the people that entered, amazing stuff here and in the original page for submissions.

Mad skills in this community.

Some seriously sick stuff in there.


You think the sea is salty because the beach never waves back?
the essence drain one is awesome!

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