Greengroove's Loot Filter Scripts v3.18.0 - OUTDATED

I'd just like to inform everyone that I won't be updating my filter any longer. It's been a great few years of working on this project. If anyone want's to pick it up you are free to do so. I wish you all good luck and thanks for all the support! Much love.

v 3.18.0 get it on Filterblast or Github Updated for 3.18.x Change log.

Leveling / Racing / Endgame / MF



  • Pick up green stuff! Pink is good. Take it.
    Think about picking yellow and other stuff. Colors are explained in MISC section.
  • Hear sounds for all drops that matter.
    There are 4 different sounds (4 tiers of drops, long sounds are good).
    1 additional sound just for Divination cards and 1 sound for top tier racing items for casters. *Check "Sounds" in MISC section for details.
  • Color and sound themes! Available on Filterblast.
  • Comprehensive selection of explicit mods! Identified items with higher potential will be specially highlighted.
  • Lower bases and flasks get filtered out as you progress for less clutter.
  • Large text for all. Easy pick up and adjustable size.
  • Crafting bases show at appropriate levels.
  • Includes chancing items.
  • Complete racing filter! You can (should) customize for specific classes.
  • Customization powerhouse with Filtration and Filterblast *see misc section.
  • Optimized code. Over 6k+ lines of code, but the client only reads the parts that are in use.
  • Hidden items labeling. *see about section.

This is just another Loot filter for Path of Exile.
But it has been carefully planed out for all stages of the game over a long period of time.

See less, Pick up more is the name of the game!

  • The Leveling version of the filter is great for start and leveling in a new league or racing. It will only hide stuff, that is like really, really bad. All crafting items and flasks are shown at appropriate levels. A lot of items are shown! This is a generic starter filter. It is strongly recommended that you customize this version.

  • The caster version will also hide the non caster magic and normal weapons (progression) and quivers. This is the starter filter for a generic caster.

  • The Endgame version is in essence the same filter. A few more items are hidden (including flasks with quality lower than 10%, most mediocre rares and big chromatic items); but even those items use the same styles used in the leveling version. You can see the hidden items by pressing "Alt" key. This is where you start once you are in endgame. This is also a generic filter. Customizing is always strongly encouraged.

  • For Racing purposes, get the leveling filter and customize it for your class. The caster version should be fine for casters.

  • The Magic Find (MF) filter hides even more stuff. Use this if you really don't want to id more rares than you „have to“. It will hide all non top base rares, RGB items, all non unique flasks, Chisel recipe items, low currency, gems without quality, all crafting items and low level maps.
    This version is active when both the "Leveling" and "Endgame" blocks are disabled. The preset is safe to use even for non MF characters. Nothing of value can be hidden.

Why use Alt key?

You can occasionally toggle the hidden items view by pressing "Alt" key! This way you can further weed out complete trash with ease and maybe take one or two more items here and there.

Too much loot on screen; Press the Z key!

Sometimes when there is a lot of loot on the ground the labels will get "misplaced". Press the "Z" key to hide the labels, and then again to "re-position" them.

  • Fluorescent colors make it easy to spot the best drops; And you can actually pick up those wisdom scrolls now. Not all of them of course... A lot of the labels were made big to adapt to a fast paced game-play style. Further more you will always hear sounds for anything that matters (including top tier rares). Even off screen. You will always know when to go back. Read all about sounds in the Misc section.

  • The filter tries to be as intuitive as possible by keeping most of the original game colors and only introducing 2 new ones for the best drops. Top tier and other useful items are marked with borders. The filter relies mostly on text, border colors and sounds. Only a few selected items use a different background color. You will see those from a mile away.

  • Carefully planned explicit mod filters will make sure you don't miss on any identified item with potential. This also includes magic items and flasks.

  • Customizing "powerhouse"... I tried to make a filter that can be used as plug and play. That is not really possible, so I made it easy to customize instead. You can do that on Filterblast.

    Filtration is a graphical UI application that makes it easy to turn on and off entire blocks of the filter. You can also customize the filter with some basic (find and replace text) action using Notepad. The "settings" are located just below the index, in the text file. For more information see the Misc section.

Change log

Find it here.
Greengroove's Loot Filter Scripts:
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A complete racing and leveling filter!

  • Includes all weapon bases currently present in the game.
  • You will always see big labels with a specific editable background color for weapons, that are relevant to your level.
  • Dedicated minimap icons and sounds.
  • 4 links will have a nice border to pop out. There's even advanced options available, to set your preferred colors.
  • You will see stuff like rings and other jewelry.
  • The Warbands filter is being used in a unique way. Magic boots, gloves and helmets will each have their own colored border. This way you can find the upgrades that you always need (*Cough* movement speed boots).
  • Racing is possible at any level; even in maps.
  • Customizing is made very easy with Filterblast.
  • Casters and Summoners are being taken care of.

The racing filter is present in all versions. The Endgame filter is not recommended for racing. The Leveling versions have no restrictions, but I strongly recommend customizing the filter for your class. Optionally you can even enable bases for racing in maps.

The integration with Filterblast can really make a difference. This tool makes it easy to customize the filter to show or hide any weapon class you want.

Racing filter


Area level 13 (Outdated)

Area level 21 (Outdated)

Area level 23 (Outdated)

Area level 33 (Outdated)

Greengroove's Loot Filter Scripts:
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  • Check the video playlist about the filter here or see my other PoE related videos on Youtube.

  • Live action Twitch channel!

Good stuff

Green is good.

Big things and things with borders...


Talisman border shows rarity (Outdated)

Crafting bases

Greengroove's Loot Filter Scripts:
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Find all the latest versions and themes on Filterblast, but it's also available on Github.



There's an auto update script that works with AutoHotkey available for free. Get it here. It will keep all your filter files up to date. Note, that auto update will not update your custom preset if you use advanced mode on Filterblast!

Greengroove's Loot Filter Scripts:
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Themes can be used on Filterblast! You can also use the color editor to customize the colors to your liking. For more information, please check Youtube.


  • Amethyst
  • Atlantisite
  • Bloodstone
  • Jade
  • Zoisite (Default one)
  • Game like theme


Amethyst - Purple shades.

Atlantisite - Necro themed.

Bloodstone - Performs great.

Jade - Classy and easy on the eyes.

Zoisite (Default) - Performs the best.

Game like - This theme uses colors similar to the game originals.

Filterblast UI


  • Default
  • Oriath - Makes use of non voice acted new sounds (Shaper for high orbs)
  • Rotation - Just like the default one, except that map sounds don't use any long effects (T1, T2)
  • Shaper - Uses new voice acting effects for all items
Greengroove's Loot Filter Scripts:
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Q & A:
Q: How does this compare to NeverSink's filter?

Initially I loved the idea that Greendude's filter had. That is: "If it's pink you pick it up!"
I expanded greatly on that concept and added a second color for the best items.

  • You can rely on sound. I use a total of 6 sounds. 4 drop tiers + 1 sound for cards and 1 sound for racing and other important items. detailed information in the Misc section.

  • I only use different background colors for a few top tier drops. Mostly I use text and border colors to indicate value. Other than the default colors used I have 2 colors that represent 2 tiers of good drops. In addition to that I use the Warband filter to separate magic helmets, boots and gloves, with red, green and blue colors.

  • It can be easily customized with Filterblast.

  • It includes all weapon bases currently present in the game, and you always see drops that are relevant to your level. This includes flasks and its mostly relevant to racing. The racing filter is actually about half of all the code and can be greatly customized.

  • I provide a few color themes for the people that don't like my original colors. Although I have to say that the fluorescent colors make it easy to see and prioritize.

NeverSink wrote:

Taken from Reddit

I took a look at his filter and it's a pretty good one. It's clean, structured and has a specific philosophy. It's probably the third filter I saw, that'd meet my personal quality standards (aside from Antnee's and my own).

Here are the main pointers to the 3 filters, I'll try to stay as objective as possible

  • Greengroove: the filter focuses on classifying IF one should pick up the item. It offers excellent detection of good drops, colors are used to highlight good drops. He only uses a few colors, but those highly differ from GGG's (which is OK, it's a matter of personal taste). This allows quick detection of good items, keeps contrasts strong, but skips the aspects of an multi-tiering and advanced information color encoding (because the philsophy is to tell IF an item is worth picking up, not WHY). It's easy to start using and is very intuitive. The majority of the code is level-ing code. Also I like his forum thread.

  • Antnee: Outdated. The focus here is provide all important functions, while keeping it clean. This great filter focuses on keeping things very GGG-like and using smooth, tiny yet noticeable highlighting (I personally learned a lot of from techniques, over the first months). It's very visually pleasing and doesn't break the game impressiveness quite as much, while highlighting everything important. The focus is to keep the game very GGG-like, while providing all important things. It's incredibly easy to get into.

  • NeverSink's: my filter is about the questions: IF AND WHY to pick an item up. Instead of using colors as a plain indicator, I encode qualities and properties and manage tierlists. Borders frequently indicate size, backgrounds itembase-quality etc. I use a higher spectrum of colors, but keep them closer to the original scheme (even if it's not even close to the level of Antnee's). That being said the broad color scheme takes more time to learn than the other 2 filters, but provides more information (which might in return bring OR cost efficiency, depending on your playstyle). The majority of the code is used for tierlists, exception handling and attribute encoding. Also I have different strictness versions, that are meant to be switched, depending on your experience, wealth and group composition.

In the end all 3 filters display all important things and it's up to you, which one you use. It's mostly a matter of style and preference.

Greengroove wrote:
I couldn’t agree more.

Q: What is the difference between the Caster and the regular Leveling filter?
The only difference between the Caster and normal Leveling filter is that the caster version doesn't display magic and normal weapon progressions and quivers.

That is because I personally mostly level with casters. I suggest anyone who uses weapons to customize the filter to only show weapons that they can use. Especially for racers. There is no reason to see normal and magic items that you can't use.

Q: When do u recommend to switch from the Leveling Filter to Endgame Filter?
I'd suggest using the Caster version if you don't need any (magic and normal) weapons for leveling. If you are leveling with weapons I strongly suggest customization. See video tutorials on Youtube for reference.

I switch to the Endgame filter as soon as possible, when I start mapping. At that point you can leave some flasks on if you still need them. I will also make a custom version for myself and make it stricter than the normal endgame version later on. I can adapt the filer on the fly with Filterblast or Filtration.

I would always recommend to customize the filter.

This is the "Help" section:

How to install

Download the latest version.

Install by copying the downloaded file to:
"system drive":\Users\"Your username"\My Documents\My Games\Path of Exile
You can also access the folder in game from the UI tab!

Once this is done, the option to use the filter will show up in your UI settings, at the bottom. Hit "reload filters" if necessary and then select the desired filter.

How to customize

  • A complete filter overview reference manual is available here.

  • Filterblast features a full online GUI editor specifically made for editing Path Of Exile filters. This option is strongly recommended for easy customization.

  • Customize the filter with Notepad, using the "Settings" section, located below the index in the filter file:

    Open the file with a text editor such as Notepad. I use Notepad ++ (free). Use the "Replace function" (Ctrl+H) and copy the entry that you want to change and then find all instances and replace them with a new value.

    You can change color, the big labels size, sounds and their volume, transparency of the items that use that setting and you can even switch between different versions of the filter.

    For example: If you don't like the pink color just find "255 0 166" and replace with another color.

    All in all it's a good idea to customize your filter and perhaps even use multiple filters for different applications.

  • Find more general information on how to install and customize the filter on:
    Path Of Exile Wiki


Color themes can also be used and edited with Filtration.

Please note that this filter is not compatible with Filtration. You shouldn't use it for other than the color editing.

Official forum thread
Get it

Install, use and edit themes:

  • Install Filtration.
  • Copy the theme file/s to "system drive":\Users\"Your username"\My Documents\My Games\Path of Exile (same folder as your loot filters).
  • Start filtration and open your filter script.
  • In the tools menu open:
    If you want to edit the current theme > "Edit Master Theme"
    If you want to apply a color template to a filter > "Apply Master Theme"
  • The other options regarding themes are self explanatory.
  • Save your new filter or theme.

Note that filters use „.filter“ and the themes use „.filtertheme“ as extension. Both should be located in the same folder.

The Old School way
  • Open the filter with notepad
  • Press: Ctrl + H (Replace function)
  • Find the used colors in the settings section below the index.
  • Replace the numbers within the brackets with your desired color


Sound is a very important tool that we have at our disposal. I use a total of 6 sounds in this filter. The (3 digit) number represents volume. Max volume is "300".

The basic idea is to split sound in 4 tiers:

The high tier sounds are long. Any long sound means, that you need to pick something up.

The lower valued items use a short sound. But there is 2 tiers of sounds here as well. The "lower" sound indicates potential value but nothing that you can't miss. The higher sound is generally good to take, but if you are in a "real hurry" it's not really a big deal. At maximum you will miss a chaos or a 6 socket. Nothing ground shaking.

There is a separate sound used for divination cards. Most of the divination cards use this sound. However a few of the really bad ones don't. Good cards use the top tier sound.

Lastly, a sound is used for racing and other important items, such as Elder, Shaper and Fractured item bases.

The main sounds are:

  • PlayAlertSound 8 300 - T1 drops

    >=79 Maps, 6 Links, Fishing Rod.

    Exalted Orb, Divine Orb, Albino Rhoa Feather, Mirror of Kalandra, Eternal Orb.

  • PlayAlertSound 7 250 - T2 drops

    Offering to the Goddess, all Essences, Remnant of Corruption, Any unique item, >=78 Maps, Fragments, Map Fragments, Talismans, 5 Links, ,all new 2.4 base items.

    Prophecies (sealed), (all) Cartographer's Sextant, (all) Cartographer's Seal, Shaper's Orb, Unshaping Orb.

    Portal, Empower, Enlighten, Enhance, Detonate Mines, Item Quantity, Vaal Haste, Quality Gems>=16.

  • PlayAlertSound 1 150 - T3 drops

    6 sockets, rare Jewels, Gems with quality>=8, Maps ItemLevel >=73 (only until ItemLevel <= 78), all maps if ItemLevel <= 76.

    Regal Orb, Blessed Orb, Gemcutter's Prism, Orb of Regret, Vaal Orb, Chaos Orb, Orb of Fusing, Orb of Scouring.

  • PlayAlertSound 2 150 - T4 drops

    ItemLevel 84+ normal crafting armor and jewelry, Diamond Ring ItemLevel >=72, all utility flasks till level 66, Normal Sorcerer boots, Jewels, all low maps, Trinkets, Silver Key, Golden Key, Treasure Key.

    Silver Coin, Orb of Chance, Orb of Alteration, Chromatic Orb, Jeweller's Orb, Cartographer's Chisel, Orb of Alchemy.

    Titanium, Spirit Shield, Harmonic Spirit Shield, Vaal Spirit Shield, Fossilised Spirit Shield, Chiming Spirit Shield, Ivory Spirit Shield, top base armour, all jewelry, all wands ItemLevel >= 45, the better sceptres, Good dagger bases, other top weapon bases.

    vaal gems, drop only gems, Blood magic gem, Added Chaos Damage, Multistrike, Less Duration, Increased Duration, Increased Area of Effect, Concentrated Effect, Immortal Call, Phase Run, Cast when Damage Taken, all lower quality gems

In addition to those I use:

You can preview all sounds in the game here.

Labels are too big
The fix is easy! There is an option in the Filterblast's advanced options for this. You can also use Notepad:

  • Open the filter with notepad
  • Press: Ctrl + H (Replace function)
  • Find: SetFontSize 45
  • Replace with: SetFontSize 32 or any number you see fit. 18-45 (default: 32)
    This will only affect the big labels. The others use the default font size.
    See settings section in the script for more.

There is too much stuff on my screen

Consider using a stricter filter or customization. Press "Z" key on your keyboard to hide labels temporarily.

Chancing items
You can use the Filterblast advanced UI option to edit the list of chancing items. To add the items with Notepad do the following:

  • Open the filter with notepad
  • Press: Ctrl + H (Replace function)
  • Find: "CHANCE ITEMS"
  • Add any base type you may want to chance.

Settings in options

Remember to set up the volume for the loot filter sounds. These are my settings for use with headset and Discord. If you don't use an application such as Discord, Teamspeak or Mumble the volumes can be all equal and it will still work just fine. The main thing is, don't neglect the audio.

*I recommend setting Channel Count to "High".

That's about it. I may update this thread from time to time with new versions.
Make sure you are using a version that is up to date. Check what version you are using inside the files. These are text files and can be opened with Notepad or any other text viewer.


  • Greendude's filter was an awesome learning tool with a great concept.
  • F4F_Lucifer; Thanks for sharing your wisdom and constant help and support.
  • Dissolator, for making Filterblast and pushing the filter syntax to the next level.
  • Ben-wallis; Thanks for setting the standards for filters and making Filtration.
  • Neversink; Thanks for all the countless contributions to the community.
  • Much love to everybody who gave me feedback and commented in this thread.
    Special thanks to taosk8r and kompaniet for keeping this thread alive.
  • Thanks to Grinding Gear Games for making such a wonderfully addictive game.

Feedback, suggestions and questions are very welcome!
If you find any bugs please report them here or open an issue on Github.

Have fun and enjoy the game.
Greengroove's Loot Filter Scripts:
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The filter is free to use, but donations are always welcome. You can send me money with Paypal or send me some Satoshi.


  • Bitcoin: 1LgBpWwGmak1XVnALB1egwDEEVM2GeMEwQ
  • Steem: @greengroove
Greengroove's Loot Filter Scripts:
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Very nice loot filter if you get to use it. It is as aggressive as OFTRTA and has more sound tier to quickly recognize drop. Suitable for fast mapper and mfer (like me).
Bull's PoE Build compilation:
wow bump for a great filter. If you clear fast, this is the one.
Love it!

Just added borders to lower tier currency too.

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