Filtration ♦ Item Filter Script Editor ♦ [ v0.20 ] ♦ Updated 2018-09-01

When Item Filters were announced, Jonathan from GGG stated "As you can see, the array of UI options that we would have to provide to allow the specific filtering requirements of every player would be completely impractical."

Challenge accepted.

Introducing Filtration, a Path of Exile item filter script editor.

Filtration aims to be a full featured item filter script editor, allowing you to not only create new item filters, but edit existing ones too - no code editing required.

The application gives a concise overview of item filter scripts, including previews of how the name plates will look in-game.


How do I get it?

You can download Filtration and/or download the source from the GitHub page at

Filtration is fully open source under the GPL license.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I load an existing item filter some of comments aren't displayed

Filtration uses a specific marker for Section comments (comments between filter blocks), only comments in between blocks that start with # Section: are loaded as section comments. This was a design decision taken to save having to decide what to do with multiple comments in between blocks.

How can I make my script fully compatible with Filtration's features?
There is detailed information about how Filtration parses item filter scripts, and the syntax you need to use for Block Groups and Sections at the Notes for Script Creators wiki page

Scripts with Filtration Block Group Support
If your script is compatible with Filtration's Block Group Browser, let me know and I'll add it here.

Antnee's Classy Item Filter for Distinguished Exiles
One Filter to rule them all by Muldini
Sayya's Item Filter
Didii's Item Filter
MaskedChimp's Item Filter
Greengroove's Loot Filter Script

Recent Changes

2018-09-01 - 0.20

♦ Fixed a parsing issue with CustomAlertSound file paths

2018-08-30 - 0.19

♦ Fixed a bug in PlayEffect parsing

2018-08-30 - 0.18
Contributors for this release: Halil

♦ Added support for DisableDropSound filter block items
♦ Added support for GemLevel filter block items
♦ Added support for HasExplicitMod filter block items
♦ Added support for StackSize filter block items
♦ Added support for CustomAlertSound filter block items
♦ Added support for MinimapIcon filter block items
♦ Added support for MapTier filter block items
♦ Added support for PlayEffect filter block items
♦ Added theme support for several filter blocks
♦ Added collapse/expand support for sections
♦ Added support for performing actions on whole sections (copy/move/delete etc)
♦ Added search box to Section Browser
♦ Improved parsing to support different syntaxes
♦ Small bugfixes

2017-12-08 - 0.17
Contributors for this release: GlenCFL

♦ Fixed a crash when clicking Add Section
♦ Fixed edits to comment blocks not being saved correctly
♦ Fixed Delete Section context menu item not working
♦ Fixed ShChaos sound
♦ Fixed changes to comment blocks not marking the filter as unsaved

2017-12-07 - 0.16
Special thanks to GlenCFL for implementing the following features:

♦ Support for the following Filter Block Item Types: ElderItem, ShapedMap, ShaperItem, PlayAlertPositionalSound
♦ Added new alert sounds including the shaper voiceline sounds
♦ Updated Item Base Types and Item Classes static data for 3.1
♦ Fixed a bug where the application would freeze upon exit

Other new features:

♦ Changed Block Group Parsing to use " - " as a delimiter instead of "-", this prevents unwanted block groups being created by filters that didn't intend to use them.
♦ Block Groups are now only parsed if the script has "# EnableBlockGroups" on its own line in the script header. This means that comments on the Show/Hide line for scripts without this enabled will no longer be discarded.
♦ All comment blocks in between filter blocks are now preserved regardless of whether they start with # Section:
♦ Added initial undo/redo support - currently this is only supported at the Item Filter Block level. This means that you can undo/redo adding/deleting/moving blocks within a script but you can't undo/redo editing the blocks themselves.

2016-12-03 - 0.15
♦ Implemented #41 - Changed block item output order for increased in-game filter performance
♦ Implemented #34 - Support for Identified block item
♦ Implemented #42 - Support for Corrupted block item

Known Issues
♦ The Expand/Collapse All buttons in the Block Group Browser are currently non-functional.
♦ The alpha value isn't saved for Color Block Items with an alpha value of 255. This is only noticeable on black (or near black) backgrounds however and can be worked around by setting the alpha value to 254.

Bugs / Issues

Please raise a bug report on the Filtration JIRA for any bugs that you find.

You can also find me on #filtration under the nick XVar.
Creator of Filtration, a Path of Exile Item Filter Editor
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I will try it out, ty for that work!

"Nerdstube, deutsche Path of Exile Community"
Asiabox: "Ist das so!"
Bumped, because this seriously needs more attention.

I'm having my coffee now, and just tinkering with this. It's fucking excellent. When I have a bit of time, I am going to try to recreate my script using your tool, and I think that will provide a solid basis for me to give you some feedback.

One thing I noticed right away is that the item previews could use some work. I use subtle borders in my filter, and because the field color of the program is so bright, they are washed out completely. I would suggest (just throwing this out there) a black or gray (or otherwise dark) border, something like this:

This is obviously a quick n dirty example, but you get the idea. It's very difficult to do anything subtle because the surrounding colors are so bright.

Great work!
A comprehensive, easy on the eyes loot filter:

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Hey, thanks for the feedback :)

That's a very good point about the preview borders, I hadn't noticed that. I've made a quick tweak - the border now has 3px padding around it so the image behind (which is an image of some ground tiles from in-game) shows through around the edge.

Is that what you had in mind? It does make light borders much more visible. It'll be in the next release - probably later today.
Creator of Filtration, a Path of Exile Item Filter Editor

I added this to your reddit post as well, but one feature I'd like to request is the ability to toggle show/hide by just clicking (or right-clicking) the show/hide box, without using the dropdown.

Reason being, I have gear-specific blocks in my script, and it would be great to be able to tell people "just open it in FFF, and click whatever boxes you wish to see/hide."

I hope that makes sense. I'm going to add a link to your program in my loot filter post, if you don't mind!
A comprehensive, easy on the eyes loot filter:

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Psst..that's not my Reddit post :) That's another editor, the one written in AHK. I didn't post this to Reddit yet as I'd rather get it a bit more polished and iron out any glaring bugs before unleashing it to the masses.

I'll have a look into toggling Show/Hide - it shouldn't be too difficult to implement.

And yeah no worries at all about adding a link to it in your filter post.
Creator of Filtration, a Path of Exile Item Filter Editor
Whoa, holy shit... I didn't even bother to look at the reddit links, because I assumed it was the same thing!
A comprehensive, easy on the eyes loot filter:

Need a chill group exiles to hang with? Join us:
Good job! Looks promising. Like Antnee, +1 to have a Show/Hide direct toggle, say, on right click.
This needs more visibilty.
Another quality ZAP! post.
Completed 14 Challengeshondana wrote:
Good job! Looks promising. Like Antnee, +1 to have a Show/Hide direct toggle, say, on right click.

Thanks! The Show/Hide toggle will be in a release later today, I implemented it earlier when Antnee suggested it. I don't want to make a release for every feature that's added, I'd rather batch a few up and do at most one release per day (apart from releases for show stopping bugs).
Creator of Filtration, a Path of Exile Item Filter Editor

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