Greengroove's Loot Filter Scripts v3.18.0 - OUTDATED

BaseType "Cartographer's Sextant" "Cartographer's Seal" "Shaper's Orb" "Unshaping Orb"
all use the same formatting.
Greengroove's Loot Filter Scripts:
Essences? Oh, I see - Boooooooooooooring.
Yes the filter is boring. That is because it only uses 2 additional colors.

This is because as complex the filter really is under the hood, I still try to keep things as simple as possible. A player shouldn't think about the filter. It is here to help. So the reasoning is: If it's pink it's probably worth picking up. And It is pink so you see it immediately.

A saying that I like: Simple things do work.
Greengroove's Loot Filter Scripts:
Updated on 3. September 2016 (Just now).

I somewhat recommend updating to 2.2.0. In 2.1.5 Essences don't show as intended. Not a major problem but in 2.2.0 this is fixed. I also provide additional annotations for Filtration users.

I can also confirm that all new crafting bases will show up based on the info on the wiki.
Greengroove's Loot Filter Scripts:
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After using quite well known loot filters such as NeverSink's, One Loot Filter to Rule Them All and spending soo much time to customize and edit after each patch, I finally settle on this filter. It is amazingly simple with easy-to-recognize color and sound tiers and just perfect font size for everything. The author takes opinions seriously and improved a lot, which is awesome.

Thank you and keep up the good work!
Bull's PoE Build compilation:
Quick update:

Filter was updated yesterday. If you want you can use the same download link for 2.2.0 and just overwrite your old files.

The next update will (potentially) further refine the endgame filter to a realy strict MF filter. Probably with a new version for real fast mappers and of course mf-ers. I still have to think about it. I still need feedback on this idea.

Once I get really rolling the 75+ maps I might update the list of white bases displayed. I take suggestions here... I am talking about other classes than jewelry. Are there (top) bases you would not like to see?

For now all jewelry is displayed after ilvl 72 (leveling filter) and ilvl 75 (endgame). Diamond rings have border and sound at ilvl 72 and above.

Additionally I have set up a Twitter account where I can update these small updates (patches, etc). If anyone wants to stay updated, you can now follow me on Twitter
Greengroove's Loot Filter Scripts:

did u updated to show white murder boots for channcing? Voidwalker looks quite hot
Talamoana warrior
Not so far. You can add that yourself. But I hear those can't be chanced. Although this is not "confirmed" it makes sense.
Just like Atziri and Uber Atziri's uniques.

Thanks for the feedback!

The MF filter and the updated Endgame filter is now in beta testing. You can get the beta here.

Here's a teaser of what's to come:

Greengroove's Loot Filter Scripts:
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Nice filter man! it fits my build perfectly since i need the sounds of drop to decide if im going or not to back to loot it, the only thing i wanna know if can be done is set rings and ammys to show, i have like 150 alchs already and i need to spend them!
The leveling filter shows all jewelry. The endgame filter is hiding the jewelry between level 64 and 74. They still show all jewelry lower and higher than that level. You can also enable the hidden blocks easily with filtration.

In general it is very easy to (easily) customize my filter to a great measure if using Filtration.

Current version 2.2.0 will be updated very soon. You can already get the 2.2.9 beta.
I suggest to update for Essence players. Check the change log for more info. Beta is currently only available with endgame variation.

I have included 8 new color themes to the package in addition to the old one. They can also be edited with Filtration and you can also make a new ones,... I think I still like my old one best.
I'd love to hear some feedback on those. I will make it official once I get to test them properly.

I have changed my download section. You can now check my Dropbox directly. Download separate files, download any map as zip, browse pics and notes. This make things much easier for me and hopefully for you as well. All this is now in "testing mode".

I have also setup a Twitter account to update my followers. Of course I don't have any followers. :)

So that's it for now. RNG is not the best but I'm having fun. My EA Elementalist 86 is doing well. I just need some time to level and get that last piece of gear. For now Tabula is golden.
Greengroove's Loot Filter Scripts:
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