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Do you have any plans for adding different skins to the UI? Or adding a MTX just for the UI so that we could change back and forth?

This is a possibility in the future but we don't plan to do it soon. Would it be popular? Does anyone else want this?

I'd very nice, if you make an option to choose old Roman-like UI, i personally like it much more than current.
Want a real question my dear Christopher Son of William!?

here you go :

Are you planning to do something for the league boredom? I mean, every league has the same patern, fun the 2 first weeks and then less and less people like em because its redundant or/and they aknowledge the flaws of the league, flaws which arent improved during the league.

IMHO you really didnt help the "League boredom" effect by stopping to add New unique items DURING the league duration. Having 2-3 new uniques each 2-3 weeks gave people something new/more to do, it gave the league new tools.

i once suggested something about evolving league

people seemed to like it, which is impressive from them since it's an idea from Me
ZiggyD is the Labyrinth of streamers, some like it, some dont, but GGG will make sure to push it down ur throat to make you like it
I would kill for a Ragnarok Online -style trading system.
Could that be possible to see Public Parties from our hideout?
Still not answered my question on the possibilty of stash tab folders, honestly its like you don't want my money! :(
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The ability to mark my characters (in all leagues) as solo/self-found would be a good addition, rather than having separate leagues. I really hope this happens soon.
Ground effects are only a problem for a tiny subset of users? I suppose that could be true, but it is beyond frustrating for those users that it DOES affect. Dropping my frame rate by more than half whenever I am in a map with burning ground.
Not sure about charging for MTX for UI... but I'm sure players would love to collect them as rewards...
Imagine playing your Ice Spear ice-themed character with a UI that looks made of ice...
I know... not very original... BUT IT WOULD LOOK PRETTY !!!!

EDIT: OMGOGMOGMGOGMOGMGOGM You guys chose one of my questions :D

"Have you guys ever seen/pet a kiwi in real life?

You can see them in zoos in New Zealand. They're way too rare to actually encounter in the wild near cities though."
"Teamwork is OP"
-The one and only one Dark_Reaper115 at your service.
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I've gotta say that u deserve cudo's for answering these questions without being a tiny bit rude. Some questions just borderline offensiveness. at least thats how i read them.

I just want to say thanks, and thanks a lot for keeping the community together and staying true to yourselves and your ideas with the input of all of us.

Love the game and its development. it has come a long way!

In Chris i trust ;)
*switches off poe to go to bed, just a peek into announcements*

goes to bed later

thx chris :-)

o yes, i would pay ggg points for getting back the old user interface for nostalgic reasons.
o no, i wouldn't pay for custom leagues
o i always wanted to have a char name like ülpentülp, good news!

and a question:
you (probably intentionally) copied the disrespectful tone of some questions into the q&a, why do you deal with those attention seekers instead of just ignoring them? if i were developer i would deal with them but just in another way ... since i knew the account name ...

i'm glad to see my support is well invested, looking forward to future content.
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