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I'd love UI skins!!! Although I don't think they should be part of supporter packs, because it's very individualized to each person what they like, plus I like to show off my supporter pack symbols and I couldn't really show off my UI skin except when making build guide demo videos...

And as for paid leagues, ehhhhh... I'd probably just play standard honestly.
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Since the in-game noticeboard is already full of trade, how about making a separate tab called "trade" for them? (Also, would be nice if you could filter OUT by keyword: -wtb -wts)

+1 for UI (i personally loved the original one on release with the lady in chains holding up the mana sphere)

And negative -9001 for any type of auction house, please no BibleThump.
I'm still looking forward to "custom private leagues" as long as it doesn't cost to actually play them (so I can play with friends in them for example).

Don't care much for custom UI, however you design, I use.
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Are there 'really good vendor recipes' that haven't been discovered yet? Asides the whole trollish fishing and albino rhoa feather shit…

As an example, there's one that yields a very powerful sword.

Is there actually clues that would reasonable lead someone to discover this recipe or is it literally just a hidden recipe that no one will ever think about?
The auction house system would solve the flipper problem, i think. Even without automated buyout.

I know that implementing this system is very very costful, though.
Hey, just checking in to say I'm one of those people that want self-found feature be it leagues or just a simple tag along already running leagues. Thanks for hearing my feedback.
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How many years should we ask for PERMANENT SELF FOUND LEAGUEs? Is it really so complicated to create self found leagues or self found characters on standard leagues?

In the latter case, are you asking for the ability to mark your permanent league character as self-found and not be able to interact with other players (i.e. party/trade/etc), and to have it as bragging rights that you played the game in a harder way than them?

Yes please, create character and put a tag on it as self found character or self found account, SF character means you can't share with your other SF characters but SF account means you can share with other SF account characters.

I'd like this mostly as it's not easy to play self found and it's not rewarded either! People who play hardcore have their own server and leaderboards, why weren't they just told to suck it up, play on standard and delete their character when they die?

Give us at least a tag and i'll be happy. Anything preventing me from trading would be nice.
And still nothing on the bullshit AI of SRS, wow! >_<
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Do you have any plans for adding different skins to the UI? Or adding a MTX just for the UI so that we could change back and forth?

This is a possibility in the future but we don't plan to do it soon. Would it be popular? Does anyone else want this?

Yes! Absolutely.
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