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Flame Dash is N1 because whirling is not global, make it global please why we need a dagger or sword for spinning?
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Completed 1 ChallengeQarl wrote:
Im still perplexe, not seeing Blade vortex in there is weird, the mechanic of the skills makes it an obvious candidate

I think Blade Vortex was in 6th place of primary skill above level 90, assume you don't count Wither as primary, with Contagion shortly after.
thanks for the quick reply XD

still curious about the warband stats haha
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Any update on completed challenges? I'd like to see those numbers again.

To the person perplexed by flamedash, you should really try it out. It is by far my favorite movement skill. I don't like Whirling blades because I can't use it on every build #1 and #2 (possibly most important to me) I totally dislike the fact that I can't use it to move across a gap like you can with other movement skills.
So... Any balance changes coming up for these items and skills that make everything else look like trash?
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Jideament wrote:
Flame Dash is N1 because whirling is not global, make it global please why we need a dagger or sword for spinning?
You know, that makes perfect sense. *facepalm*

In fact, here I am forcing myself to use a dagger just to get Whirling Blades to work for my Blade Vortex build. It never once crossed my mind to try Flame Dash with the build (largely for the aforementioned reason of dismissing it entirely as a skill.) Noted for the future, I guess.
Moar stats !!!! Love them every time !
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also you need to consider that flame dash can be used as a good cwdt setup for some chars, i think this raises it's rating aswell, hell u can even replace urself while cycloning with this.

personally i would go for whirling blades whenever i can build around dagger/sword as an active movement option - its simply fastest and without use-limitation.
I like you like
I need more stats >-< most big DPS on tooltip, most use support gems,how many tier 3 talismans players get, how many people get all of rigwald armor pieces, most awesome item crafted by player (from white to very good rare), how many mirrors, shavs etc. players drop, how many characters was created? :D NEED MORE INFORMATIONS! :D
I can't say these top 10 skills tell me much, except that people like using movement skills and golems:p It would be cool to see top 10 of non-utility skills next time... And anti-top 10 ;)
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