Talisman Challenge League Stats

Why isn't Detonate Dead up there? /confused
Why is Lightning Arrow so popular?

Edit: Actually, I just realized its the voltaxic hype. But, honestly, don't know why that's so popular really either.
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how many % of players are actualy playing talisman league?
Looks at all the skills/gear used...sees none of said skills/gear in current build...


The best thing about seeing the stats is that we can see the numbers you base your balancing around (rather than, say, fearmongering)
Edit: Actually, I just realized its the voltaxic hype. But, honestly, don't know why that's so popular really either.

Simply put, it lets you offscreen things to stay safe, while you have obscenely high clear. It offers two main big advantages over more conventional (say, Harbinger TS) builds:

  • You do almost entirely chaos damage, so reflect means nothing to you.
  • A Voltaxic Rift can be gotten pretty cheaply; less than a exalt. (furthermore, the "premium" for 6L'd uniques is less than for rare items) Matching the DPS for a Harbinger will run you into the multi-exalt range.

The most popular builds aren't always strictly the STRONGEST... (in fact, excepting pre-2.1.0 PA/CA, they rarely are) They just happen to have a lot of people aware of them (easy to figure out) and can be done without investing too much in gear/passives, and not too much difficulty in playing them.
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- We're a month into the Talisman Challenge Leagues and they're proving to be our most popular challenge leagues ever!

Does that mean we are going to see more of this kind of leagues !? god pls no :( y u do dis

pls go back to the old leagues stile

i personaly did not enjoy any of the leagues that came after Bloodlines, that was the last ''good/ enjoyable'' league u made.

The lastest leagues u come up whit feels like put together in a couple of weeks, little to no effort put into them and they are also kind of boring and not worth to be around for a month not even thinking about 3-4 months. atleast thats my opinion.

leagues like tempest or talisman....pls dont do this....they dont feel rewarding, there is no excitement at all and it just feels like playing normal Hardcore or Softcore.
If this is how leagues are going to be i preffer playing normal HC and not bother at all.
dont even waste ur time on these leagues and just put it towards something else, like a trading system for example....

excuse my english. it is a third language

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Bex_GGG wrote:
For those wondering about Vaal Spark, 5x as many people use Arc compared to Vaal Spark

Yet, Vaal Spark is 50x better and continues to make game balance look, well, just plain bad.
Completed 1 ChallengeFascion wrote:

Either way, I had no idea Flame Dash was so popular. I tried it when it was released and never again. Might warrant a second look...

It's worth a look if you don't use a dagger, I guess. Whirling Blades or GTFO.

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