Talisman Challenge League Stats

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I can only speak for myself but I have switched from Lightnung Warp to Flame dash for majority of my Witch movement skills because it works fine with two links. Lightning Warp really needs three (LW+FC+Less Duration) to work properly and this frees up 1 socket. Maybe that's why others use it as well....?
haha nice stats:) ty..
you should do separate stats for SC and HC leagues
Completed 1 ChallengeQarl wrote:
"By use" means in the skill bar, rather than just socketed.

That's a useful clarification.

Though, what about "main" skills? Does that refer to ones that are bound to mouse buttons rather than keyboard keys? If so, that might be a bit problematic... One of my builds actually has her main skill bound to R! I'm hoping it just follows a more logical pattern, as simply counting whatever skill(s) have the most support gems linked to them on that character.
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Almost anyone that knows the game a bit plays either :

New "power creep" - Voltaxic LA/BR


Old/New "power creep" - CoC Discharge/Bladefall


THATS some fuken nice balance right here :D ...
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When you rank skills "by use" does that indicate the number of times that skill was used, or the number of people using that skill?

Already answered, it's the second one.
Completed 13 Challengeskreca73 wrote:

(For those wondering about Vaal Spark, 5x as many people use Arc compared to Vaal Spark)
the /b part is a joke.
people use arc with vaal spark; the same vaal spark build uses those 2 skills and it is obvious that one will USE arc more times since vaal spark is gated behind souls.
mind fkin blown.

It's been clarified that 'used' means equipped, not cast. You can put your mind back together again.
damn nice stats... so cool...
must admit been the best league i ever played...

please more of this.. i cant get enough <3

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