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We're keen to answer some more questions from the community! Please post your questions in this thread and we'll compile the answers in a news post next week. While the majority of questions are often related to game mechanics, we're happy to answer questions from other areas too. If you want to know how to get into the games industry or what games our developers have been playing recently, then ask away! Questions about Ascendancy are permitted. We look forward to reading and answering your questions!
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Do u have a plans about new Map tier and raising lvl cap in near future?
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Who is the highest level GGG member in the Talisman league at the moment? And what core are they playing?
Although trolling seems to produce the best results for myself, which fishing techniques are working best for the GGG team?
Wondering if any of you devs have any fun side projects going on that youd like to share? I work in the mobile games space professionally, but have a couple prototypes/jam projects going on. Love seeing what others build out there.
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Are Talismans planned to be added to the core game?

If yes, do you think it's about time to cut down on the wide variety of randomly spawning league mods?
when will you get around to fixing shackles of the wretched not reflecting blasphemy?
Hello! Path of Exile is my favorite game of all time, barring nostalgia as a factor.

I'm studying programming and hope to ultimately develop games independently. How many of you were there when Grinding Gear Games started? How long did it take to build your own engine, and when did you know your own engine was entirely called for?


PS. Content-related: Will the Labyrinth be reasonably traversable for players that don't use Deterministic Lockstep Mode?
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What new MTX's are in the works? any new ones for skills?

I'll take "Swords" for two hundred Alex.
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Will Bex marry me?
Aye Aye Captain!

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