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Ok here is my first post !

Why any casual hype everithing and ggg nerf all builds to hell
Did you not realize if you dont want RMT that with those senseless nerfs you just provocate it ? Did you not realize it makes not fun to make plan by plan step by step a build and spend alot of Time to make a good build ? For example :

I played an dual totem build (Flametotems) spended so much time for finaly malachai Kill.
And what you do ? nerf it .. but why ?
Do any monster report ohhh op here op there ?
No they aint !
Its the pvp nerding what destroy any build.

If you want make realy changes so remove any op item on Legacy state !
New Players i saw are frustrated and without carry they never reach act 4 merciless.

So tell me Bex chris and co ? whats the point of this nerfing ?
the point is a beautifull game to make it better to hell !

It makes no sence to keep this straighting, cause it ruines the lust of your players.
So whats the point ? I spended money for the stash tabs and make this game beautifull before to my hobby. and i spended my money with pleasure cause you deserved it !
then you start nerfing everything what we play.

so tell me the true what is the point ?
i dont belive it to make the game better. it was good.
realy good. then pvp start ant with them this casual flamming of non legacy players.

May not every guy say that he is pissed about this. so i start it now.
if you love your customers and deserve the donates for your work.

nerf here nerf there and we keep try and try. till we end to do this.

So here is the realy needed changes !

Exalt ! if you realize and look for poe trade there are prices who no one can buy it !
300 ex for an item (this is insane). but i realize with high irr and iiq (legacy) that an exalt is droping may 2 times in a week ! so push up the exalt to destroy this mafia prices !

Legacy Items !
Just remove it ! why ? go in an pvp standart league and you get owned by legacy items.
so you think the gems must be nerfed. no its the god damn legacy items who need being rided off ! and if you not belive me. go to youtube and watch streamers. not like ziggy no he is an good one and dont use any mirrored shit so he play as me serious ! so the streamers use legaacy shavronnes. es = 9k +. legacy items provocate many players who i talked to them to start RTM ! on 3rd party websites. FINE right ? that what you dont want chris and co, thats exactly provocate the players to do it.
so remove it to make a real ballance ! or it comes to rich against poor ! and this is not fair !

Example ! 300 Ex mirrored Legacy rolled dagger or vall ragila with 800 es !
is this normal ? not it aint !!

Uniques !
with an list of droped uniques on high mf i realized that some uniques are non needed ! but they are still in game. so the real needed you pushed up and make t1 uniques more nonrarer.
but on high mf i dont realize the changes ! not in group not in solo farm.

why not every player gets the right to play with pleasure.
i dont talk about me. i just talk about this ones who hold his mouth and try try try without good results.

I can spend money for your work but in this moment i start regret my donations.
mo matter payed is payed but i can say if this horror continues, i will be not the only one who say ok here is stop !

thanks for listening and think about your customers who cares about you !

I'm quite pissed off too because of your no sense flame totem ninja nerf

You could at least motivate your actions in the patch notes but instead you prefer ninja nerfing stuff

Keep up with the "good" work GGG -.-

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