The Winter Mystery Box - Including New and Exclusive Microtransactions!

Edit: Reread. I was mistaken, though the wording could have been formulated a tad better to begin with.

Wait, so these boxes are the only way to get some of these microtransations? Not sure I like the idea of that at all. I don't like RNG when spending my money.
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so much winter fun

Also! The Ice Themed Armor is from the box ONLY? I Can't buy the set alone!
Aw bummer! Guess I know where my points are going!
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Any chance you can add an option to buy like 10 of these at once?

Really annoying trying to purchase a lot of these and continuously timing out!
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I lost all mtx point for in-game purchases. Still have them on the website though.
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I learned my lesson from the infernal boxes. All I want is the armor so I guess I have to wait a month then.
D4wdl wrote:
That arctic armour set looks nice, but I'd wish to know if it's gonna be released soon after this, because I won't repeat the same mistake of trying hard at getting all the set like that other time.

Also, it would be nice if we could give all the extras of the same mtx we have, or at least stack it properly.

It says partway down the page "we've also introduced many new microtransactions that we'll be adding to the store a month after the box has gone off sale. These include the Arctic Lynx Pet, Wolf Pet and pieces of the new Arctic Armour Set! Here are videos of its Body Armour, Helmet, Boots and Gloves." so I'm assuming it's the same as the fire mystery box.

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