The Winter Mystery Box - Including New and Exclusive Microtransactions!

Man, I want that set.

Of course, I need money for that...
Goose Volt!
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WOOT! Finally a much-needed ice themed MTX set. :D

Guess I'll have to buy a few to try for the pets!
That arctic armour set looks nice, but I'd wish to know if it's gonna be released soon after this, because I won't repeat the same mistake of trying hard at getting all the set like that other time.

Also, it would be nice if we could give all the extras of the same mtx we have, or at least stack it properly.
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wait a moment, i thought it's summer in nz???!
If anyone has bought any let me know how rolling them goes.
Yo gimme dat login prio.

Harvest sucks! But look at my decked out gear two weeks in!

Labyrinth salt farm miner.
I hope these "future holiday events" actually happen so I can buy those Northern Light effects without opening up a bunch of boxes full of stuff I don't want
loving the crystals, but they are not mentioned in the items that will be added one month after this.

Are they gonna be added or not?
It is the only thing i want but I aint gambling.

I also hope the xmas mtx is gonna be killer.
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EMEN1KE wrote:
my wife left me

gz man more time for poe
GGG banning all political discussion shortly after getting acquired by China is a weird coincidence.
nice, exclusives and another consumable.. would be cool to have it as perm for your HO, but still a cool little treat. :)
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