The Winter Mystery Box - Including New and Exclusive Microtransactions!

To celebrate both the holiday season and our upcoming Winterheart race season, we're introducing the Winter Mystery Box, which is on sale from today until January 5th! Each box grants you one random cold-themed microtransaction, with value equal to at least that of the box (15 points). There are 19 awesome icy prizes to win. The boxes also include new and exclusive microtransactions like the Arctic Armour Set, Northern Light Effect, Arctic Lynx Pet, Ice Crystal Hideout Decoration and the Wolf Pet! Check out this video compilation of all the microtransactions contained in the Winter Mystery Box!

What's in the Winter Mystery Boxes?

This Mystery Box introduces many new microtransactions and contains some that are exclusive to the holiday season, including the Northern Light Effect (stack of 10), the Ice Crystal Hideout Decoration (5 variations you can select between) and the Snow Hideout decoration. In addition to these exclusive microtransactions (which can only be obtained from this box or future holiday events), we've also introduced many new microtransactions that we'll be adding to the store a month after the box has gone off sale. These include the Arctic Lynx Pet, Wolf Pet and pieces of the new Arctic Armour Set! Here are videos of its Body Armour, Helmet, Boots and Gloves.

How to Open Your Mystery Boxes

After purchasing some Mystery Boxes, you can find them in your microtransaction stash in-game waiting to be unwrapped. Each box costs 15 points and has an expected value of just over 50 points. You'll always win something worth at least as much as you paid! Many of the prizes are ones that you can use multiple of, such as the Northern Light Effect, Snow Hideout Decoration and the Ice Crystal Hideout decoration. The Northern Light Effect is a consumable effect that plays in the air above your character when used (like the Fireworks that we've sold in the past).

Winterheart Race Season Teaser

Thank you so much for your ongoing support! As a special teaser of the Winterheart race season that this box is themed around, we'd like to unveil the upcoming Winterheart race reward amulet!
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so getting this!
my wife left me
hmm new boxes
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Lets stack more armor while frozen
Might wait until some other people have opened boxes before I buy any - I'd rather someone else take the hit on a bunch of hideout decorations before realising the rare stuff like the armor is drastically rarer than it should be.
Ohmy, all the effects are so awesome! I guess I love winter theme! (:
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It's still coming... when I have enough strength to write it all.

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