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It's been updated! There are probably some small issues here and there, let me know if you found some.

@trollkind thanks for the offer anyway ;) I've been enjoying this league in ssf a lot, so when i'm not doing irl stuff, I tend to rush back to poe these days. Also when I built PoM, I didnt really think about the fact that the maps could completely change in tiers etc from expansion to expansion, so it's kind of messy when it happens, coupled with the fact that I hadn't touched the code base in a while, I didnt feel motivated to go back into it...

Seeing people care about it do motivate me tho :)
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Btw, dont forget to set the league on your characters, so that you can see how much chaos (estimated) your recorded drops are worth. To do that, just go to your profile > characters > hover your character, and then click the pen icon to edit it.
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This might be impossible but I am going to ask anyways. Any way you can make the desktop app UI hide and re-appear when hovered on with a mouse, and also make the ui stick to an edge of the screen.

For example I have a program on my pc called "Fences". It creates something like a folder you can name and attach to edges of screen that hide their contents until you hover over them. Example below.


When I hover over said fence / folder I can see the contents as shown below.


When I play PoE I play in windowed full screen and as such the bar at the bottom is always hidden. So if I want to check to make sure PoM is recording the drops I am logging correctly, or add a found master, or zana mod, I have to alt tab to get it to pop up. To get around this I set the app to always be on top, and I just drag that Ui to bottom of screen and drag it back up when I want to use it. It really cuts down on my map efficiency.

As for other suggestions I do have a few more reasonable ones.

1. Add jewels from abyss league. I also don't think elder items can be put into log.

2. On the PoM website While looking at our map history it would be nice to see a total value of currency obtained in maps at the top, in chaos, based off of the league we are in. Saves time on pulling out a calculator.

3. The new zana map mod that gives a random map mod from zana is not in the zana mod list, so i cant add that to a map I am running.

4. Add in option to keybind Mouse button 3,4,5, scroll up, scroll down, or scroll wheel clicks. I also do not thinnk you can bind the arrow keys.

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1- it's never been possible to log any rare items, or regular jewels :( the main reason was that a rare item was only interesting if you could see its stats, and I never took the time to implement that. Also I'd have to maintain a list of every single item type. Maybe in the future.

2- - before I stopped working actively on the site I had started a new view, one based on items. If I added a search/filtering function to this page, you could enter something like "@mycharactername", or "u:myaccountname league:abyss", and at the top, in "total item value", you could see an estimation of everything you got in chaos. Not perfect but that'd be something.

3- I'll add it

4- I only built the site, someone else built the desktop app for me, so I'm not sure why you cant bind some keys... That's also an issue for your first comment, I'm certain what you're asking is possible, but I wouldnt know how to do it without a good amount of learning. Someone had posted a different version of the app, maybe we could see if he knows how to do what you're asking.
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It's been updated! There are probably some small issues here and there, let me know if you found some.


Seeing people care about it do motivate me tho :)

Yes! Thank you!
Now I know what to spend my weekend with. :)
Due to a lot of work and some health issues, I'm just starting T3, the perfect time to start recording my runs.
... is not a troll
Thanks for the update mate! Appreciate it, it is a great app!

One thing though: the Zana mods don't seem to be updated yet but I recon that would need a client update.
Are you planning to make Bestiary league an option on the website?

Thank you.
I'm doing it right now :)
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I just discovered this tool yesterday and I absolutely love it! I noticed that the Zana Mods aren't updated for Bestiary on the client - do you need assistance in updating the client to support the new Zana Mods?
Sure, thanks! Submit a PR ( and I'll merge it. Shoot me an email at if you end up doing it, I dont think I get notifications from bitbucket, especially because im not the owner of the repo.
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