Path of Maps - Track your map runs

Client bug:

1. Open settings.
2. Click "Manage Dangerous Map Mods".
3. Click "Add" without doing anything else (eg: selection is empty)

C# error report pops up, probably a null deref or something.

Client wishlist:

Automatically detect when a map is started, but has not been recorded. The client.txt log contains lines like this for each area entered:

2017/10/29 19:06:01 1116232031 caf [DEBUG Client 16772] Entering area Hideout7_3

Using that, the (relatively) short list of map names could be determined, and a missing "start map" could be observed and trigger an appropriate response. (eg: record the map, prompt the user to manually set mods, remind them of the hotkey, etc)

Client wishlist:

I have two monitors, and so I place the PoM client on the second monitor. Many of the dialogs like to pop up in what feels like a random position on the first monitor, over PoE.

It would be great if they all took into account the position of the main window, and tried to put themselves right above it, or placed relative to it, when they opened.
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Client wishlist: show the number of portals remaining on the current map. Since zone changes can be detected from the client.txt log, which is already being parsed, it should be possible to determine when the player returns to one of the three locations that they can enter a top level map from.

It would be a nice bonus to track the map-within-a-map of zana missions inside a map, but that seems more complex. :)

Client wishlist:

It would be great to remove the confirmation dialog from the "end" button. The chat command doesn't require it, and "reopen" should work if I accidentally hit it at the wrong time.

Client wishlist:

It'd be nice to show the previous map details in the client when you stop the map, at least for a while. They are on the site, of course, but ... it's nice to have the reference to hand.
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