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@nma99: thanks! :)

@trollkind: You can filter stats, by account, character, league and standard/hc.

On the stats page, there's a discreet search bar on the right.

- to filter by league, type "league:<name of league>", ex: league:harbinger.
- if you play hc, you would do league:harbinger is:hc
- to filter by account: "u:<account name>", ex: "u:niuage"
- to filter by character: "@<character name>", ex: "@rickandmorty"

You can actually filter by much more than that. If you click on the "?" in the top nav search bar, you'll have the documentation for the search feature. All of these features also apply to the stats :)
Track your map runs:

Retired item indexer:
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@trollkind: You can filter stats, by account, character, league and standard/hc.

Ooooh, thanks! I kind of expected those things to be there but I never tried the correct syntax or clicked the question mark above because there was none next to the stats search bar.
... is not a troll
Started using this a few days back and im loving it.
75maps so far, most being experimenting to see how map returns are. Sometimes the websites price estimation is a bit wonky but generally gives me a good idea of how well im doing.
The only issues ive encountered so far is I sometimes cannot end the map and have to reopen it while its still open (?), and when running Vault the "The Opulent" Card doesnt seem to get accepted as drop.

I also seem to not be able to start uber runs(or anything really) via the > chat commands, the widget doesnt seem to get any sort of input from local chat regardless of what combination i try. Im assuming error on my part but hoping you could point me in the right direction.

Otherwise : Awesome job !
In the settings, check that the path to your log file is correct.

I'll check about "The Opulent" issue.
Track your map runs:

Retired item indexer:
Hello I just found this wonderful program and loved the idea of tracking my maps.
However it works somewhat, I can start, end and add drops using the hotkeys I set in the settings but no matter what command I try all I get is the error "Could not execute the given command. Please try again!"
I've entered the correct location for client.txt I even double checked after writing a command that it's in there.

I couldn't find anyone else with this issue so I decided to post it here.
Thanks in advance.

Edit: It seems to know I wrote here and got scared, now it's working. LOL
Edit 2: Came back home and it had stopped working again wtf
Edit 3: I'm stupid, I'll just leave my post up incase anyone have the same problem. Problem was I was trying to add an unid unique as drop which I realised later doesn't work.
Thanks for the awesome program! :)
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I'm a real fan of the work of niuage and decimar for the great work for path of maps!

I tried to make another way to track map runs, based on the path of map client of decimar. Maybe you would try this app.
You can download my fork at



* POE overlay
* Local drop buffer (much faster drop logging)
* Double click to remove local drop item
* Push drops in bulk
* Collapsible overlay
* Drag & move overlay

It is more of a proof of concept, if it will work.

Known issues & limitations

* Only for 1920x1080
* You have to check "Almost topmost" in settings area
* Code without proper error handling and not clean
* Only for display mode "Windowed Fullscreen" (POE graphics option)


I would love to get your feedback about my changes
Regards, offtopic
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I'll try it tonight probably, thanks!
Track your map runs:

Retired item indexer:
wait, so do you manually enter in drops with >drop
or does it automatically logs things you pick up?
wait, so do you manually enter in drops with >drop
or does it automatically logs things you pick up?

You can configure a shortcut (e.g. ctrl+d by default)
Check the help of the official site: (Chapter "Getting started" 3.3)

This was already implemented by decimar - i have only changed the behavior of the gui and the local cache and some minor tweaks.

I don't use the console at all (it's not working for me, but i have never checked in detail)
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Client bug / UX report:

I have my PoE install via steam, in a second steam library. It wasn't clear if the app would automatically detect the client.txt location, or if it would need to be told, so I told it manually.

Until I fully restarted it, it wouldn't detect any chat commands, despite everything being set up correctly. Looks like maybe something isn't initializing as it should when you first set the path to the log file?

Client UX wishlist:

When a new item is added to the run, it would be great if the "Items Dropped:" list would scroll to the bottom, should the length of the list be long enough for the new thing to be off-screen.

Website UX report:

1. Click on "SlippyCheeze", my user.
2. Click on "Settings".
3. Observe the rest of the items on the top bar vanished.

I expected to be able to go back to, eg, my map runs, using that toolbar / tabbar style set of links across the top. Didn't expect them to vanish when in settings.

Website UX report:

When I enter the atlas, the drop-down menu doesn't, it just reenters the same atlas. Not sure why, but it means I have to manually edit the URL to exit. (Chrome, but it might be an adblock or something causing it.)

Website wish:

It would be great if there was a "completion" tracker for maps, especially one which allowed tracking both "done", and "bonus done", for the maps. Being able to see what I have still to do, or done, would be useful in planning, and ensuring I have the maps I wanted.
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