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cst003 wrote:
hey niuage, im getting a weird error. the client is not letting me end my map. "Could not end map. Please try again."

That happened to me twice (in a lot of maps) for some reason. The way I "fix" it, is to click "reopen", then "end". You can also just start the next map. Basically what happens is that the map is closed on the server but the app doesnt know about it.
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So I have been giving this a whirl tonight and I gotta say...I'm loving it. Haven't had a single problem with it so far.

I'm one of those guys who likes to track my loot/profit every day and this streamlines really really well. I hope to see more people using this, it's a great tool for just quickly estimating what you earn each map run, and can help just straight out (rough)Price checking a bunch of items in one go.

I was just wondering if there are plans to do more organising with the runs? One thing in particular I'd love to see is a sort of Daily Run log on the site.

The .CSV is great for overall data collection at the end of a bunch of runs (Although I can't seem to see All of my drops on each run), but it'd be great to be able to hit a button on Path Of Maps such as "End day", then it'll bundle all the data from the runs of that day into one large post with all Drops and possibly the total time spent doing runs.

I understand that this could be quite a load on things though. Just would be cool to see as someone who likes to calculate total amounts acquired per day.

Really hope this program gets a bit more exposure, it's really handy to have on PoE.
Super glad to hear that :D

At the "beginning" of each leagues, I have the same problem, I want to add stuff to the site, but I also want to play a lot ^^.

Anyway, what I'm planning on doing is adding an item view, instead of a map view, so that you can see everything you dropped in an easier way, coupled with search improvements to be able to indicate the time range better (today, yesterday etc). Having additional stats like total run time and return value is a good idea. Shouldn't be too hard.
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Just wanted to add that this is a great, useful tool. I'm still getting the hang of it. Perhaps I'm missing something, but there doesn't seem to be a way to track XP earned by map?

Could we add a command that does this?
>XP <numeric int amount>

And then again at map conclusion. Subtract one from the other, perform an absolute value calculation, and that's the XP earned. You can then track average XP per map. As a stats comparator it's not super-useful unless you also have an accurate view of the character level, but you can poll POE stats to pull that.

For now I'm just entering it manually via >NOTE startXP:, so I can then calc, but I can't add a note to a map once it's closed via the website (not a big deal, just would be useful if I could amend things).

And if those notes could end up in the Map export CSV, we can then do a trends map on xp per map.
I started adding an XP command at some point then gave up and focused on more commonly used features. It's just sooo much overhead to have to enter the XP amount after each map. That being said, I'm not against supporting it for those who want this feature in the future.

The ideal solution would be for GGG to allow us to copy the XP bar text the same way we can copy item data. That would be the dream and make this feature an obvious addition to PoM. Trackpete (a great dev in this poe community) asked about it in the past, and I did as well, but no luck...He actually used an OCR that was applied to a screenshot of the game to get the XP data...
Track your map runs:

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Is the API down? I don't seem to be getting how much my uniques/anything is worth when I'm finished with the map.
It was an issue on my end and I'm working on fixing it right now :)
Track your map runs:

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Should be fixed now.
Track your map runs:

Retired item indexer:
Completed 17 Challengesniuage wrote:
Should be fixed now.

Working great again, thanks.
It won't let me log in mjolner? im guessing because of the umlots?
what to do?
Nor Ancient Reliquary Keys

is this tool still being worked on?
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