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Any chance support will be added for flashback league? (i.e. the ability to chose flashback league for the drop value). Just started using this today and I love it.
niuage wrote:
Sure, thanks! Submit a PR ( and I'll merge it. Shoot me an email at if you end up doing it, I dont think I get notifications from bitbucket, especially because im not the owner of the repo.

I had some life stuff happen and I completely dropped the ball for putting in a PR for Bestiary Zana support. Sorry bout that; as soon as I get information on Zana mods for Incursion, I'll do my best to get in a PR to support the mods for the client side.

Still loving the tool!
Ideally, the client would pull this data from the backend, otherwise, players would have to keep redownloading the app every time they change... I'll see what I can do before incursion starts.
Track your map runs:

Retired item indexer:
Sounds good, both technologically and otherwise. I'll refrain from doing a PR for the time being.
Niuage, with 10 Challenges done, I guess you're too busy enjoying the new league but do you plan on updating Path of Maps for Incursion?
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Why does the tool need the client.txt and what does it do with it (yeah I know... read... but why?)?

Will the website at least be updated to include incursion, so I can tag my maps porperly ?

Why don't you read the current leagues from the API so the tool and website don't need to be updated manually?

how about tracking deaths during map runs/boss fights? +stats on website
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Yay, Delve is selectable!
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So the stats nerd in me loves this site/app, I wish you were still more actively supporting it, but I just wanted to post that I'm loving what's here :)
For some reason, when I am running the Path of Maps client, I can't copy the information of my maps, and any item for that matter. I have tried running PoE as admin, & PoM as admin, but neither has worked. Cheers for any help! :)

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