Login Error: The operation timed out

I crashed when coming back blue-TP in maps...
log-in screen
impossible to come back

2 MAP yellow rolled lost
cant afford this
cgexile wrote:
Rob_GGG wrote:

Well you locked my thread and told me to post here. Can I have my atziri set back? thanks. It it not nice losing currency to something that was in no way my fault. Highly doubt I will get refunded, but figured i would try

Unfortunately we are not able to restore items to players for any reason. Doing so can have damaging effects on the game's economy. I am truly sorry to hear that this has happened and if you have any further questions please feel free to email us at "[email protected]".

Thank you.

Are you saying that the server removing items due to error is not damaging to the economy, but restoring what was already in the economy is damaging to the economy?

The "any reason" is an interesting hard line policy because it's the game's fault and not the players fault. Your policy also places your virtual 'economy' above player satisfaction and support.

I think a more genuine reason that would stand a better chance at acceptance by the players affected is one where you admit that you don't have the support resources or the game functionality in place to handle such clams, and communicate to players that you're working toward a solution to handle issues that result from server error. I think players would accept that. "We're sorry" is bad for PR and it's a hard pill for players to swallow.

you hit the point ... nothing more to say about this... for gods fkn sake :/
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Loading screens are back.

Got disconnected mid map relogged to find portals gone.

Also this happens when the mods change from all mods to several and when maps reset every hour.

Do we have to play on a timer now? Cause it's obvious maps do not retain old mods once the reset happens. Lost several maps to this mechanic.
lost zana again due to this, this time..... still not corrected this problem ggg.
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still happen to me just right now on washington d.c server
Happend for me aswell right now

Amsterdam EU Server 20.00
Is EU Servers down again
this really start to ruin my playing experience...
50% to not load and have to reset the game.
My main char in ASC is now stuck on loading screen for the past 24 hours. other characters in standard load just fine. But who plays standard!!!

CAN you ggg somehow move my char so it is not loading Sarn Encampment. Move it to Oriath like all my other character, there you go I gave you a fix. please make my main char load again

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