Login Error: The operation timed out

Getting this right now. It just punted me from the game without any warning back to the login screen and despite restarts of the client getting the message in the title.

Edit: Put this at the top.

Sarah_GGG wrote:
Hey guys,

We're really sorry about any inconvenience caused by this problem! :(

We are aware of this issue and we are looking into it.

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Me too, EU server Frankfurt
Same here Amsterdam, milan and frankfurt.

Can logon london but but get trown off again when i try enter my hideout..
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me too.sever us
Tryed washington... same problem... time out.
IGN: MR_Bladefall

At least my 1 month HC char is still alive.

Nearly shit myself when I got the load screen of death.
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same here... freeze on loading screen... only ctrl + alt + del working :P
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same here, EU London
I had this on Frankfurt, too. Changed to Amsterdam and logged in with another char on Standard, worked. Can play now again with my Flashback char. Seemingly when you just login with the previous char, it will try to load the crashed instance.

So just change realm and char once, then it should be working again.

EDIT: Okaaay, was in Hideout while writing this -> back to town, same issue. :D
Forget what I just have wrote. :D
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Same here Amsterdam
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