Greater Multiple Projectiles

I noticed something peculiar with with gem. My Greater skill gem is level 16. 5 link armor with Ice spear, Increased Rarity, Increased Qunatity, Increase Critical Damage and Great Multiple projectiles.

The listed affects of the gem ar +4 projectiles +29% projectile damage, -50% projectile damage.

With all of the skill gems except GMP in, dps with Ice Spear is about 3200. When I put GMP in, it drops to 1600. It seams like the +29% is not figured in.
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The +29% damage is Increased Damage, while the -50% damage penalty is Less Damage. They are two different mechanics, Less means it's a true multiplier while Increased is additive with other sources like Strength or Increased Spell/Elemental Damage passive nodes.
The gem works correct.

Icespear lvl 14 168-252

GMP lvl 13 +24%projectile, less 50%dmg

Icespear base
252 maxdmg

Icespear without GMP
837 maxdmg

Icespear with GMP
449 maxdmg

How to calc

837 * 0,5 + 252*0,24*0,5 = 449 !!! :>

The 24% are additional to the basedmg and are affected by the less 50% too. So its just an increase of 12% of base.
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Given how many builds completely rely on this gem I think it should be more common.
promenad wrote:
Given how many builds completely rely on this gem I think it should be more common.

Agree. It's too rare atm.
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If so many builds rely on this, it means this is too powerful. Making it more common would be a mistake, unless it gets nerfed beforehand.
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I have one major gripe with this support gem: projectile SPELLS supported by it are able to hit the same enemy with multiple fireballs/ice spears/etc. This does not work for arrows or wand-attacks.

The problem here is that multiple projectiles should not be a gem to maximize your single-target dps, but with projectile spells it does exactly that (while maximizing dps vs multiple targets at the same time, of course).
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I agree, with almost every other build you need to have a single target, and a multiple target skill. Supporting a multiple fireball build is too easy, and you get a whole lot of sockets for other stuff.
Why is it that occasionally all projectiles from a single bow attack will miss? I'll shoot into a crowd of enemies, open area, no obstacles, and every single arrow passes through them. I could understand 1 or 2 arrows being dodged or missing but not all of them with 90% hit chance.

I feel like the calculation for whether the attack hits or not is only done on the center arrow rather than for each arrow. Or maybe it's just hit detection being off?
I agree that since spells can hit the same target via multiple projectiles and close range, arrows (and wand attacks) should work the same way.

Or, make it so that only one hits each target, and the others pass through, which would probably be extremely difficult.

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