Greater Multiple Projectiles

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Balance & Design
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UristMcDwarfy wrote:
BlastMonkey wrote:
I linked multiple projectiles and pierce to raise spectre. The skill states "minions fire x additional projectiles" and "minions have x% increased chance of projectiles piercing but in practice they only ever fire 1 projectile and I've seen none pierce in an hour of testing.

Make that a triple. Supposedly it's actually working, but the client doesn't display what is happening properly.
Yes, this is a known image which we'll hopefully be able to fix soonish.
Feedback after this point is for 0.9.7
Balance & Design
dust7 wrote:
That would make arrows as imbalanced as projectile spells with multi against single targets. :)
Projectile spells definitely should just pass through, like arrows.
Having implemented this tech for Ethereal Knives, we may look into using it on other spells in future.
Helpsey wrote:
Crit and Hit rolls are done as the skill is cast, so AoE or multi-projectile skills will miss everything, hit everything or crit everything.
That's only true of crit rolls, not accuracy checks. Accuracy is checked against every target separately.
Increased and Reduced % modifiers stack additively.
More and Less % modifiers stack multiplicatively.
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