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javisado wrote:
What about the new combo gems Essence drain+Contagion? If I put IIR on contagion and both dots are present when mob die, what's happening?

i would like to know that too
and what if i have both skills with linked IQ/IR? which ones applies? does both? :P

Since patch which allows IQ/IR to be used with damage over time,
the new gem mechanic its not explained yet on "support gems feedback".

GGG would you pls clarify the confusion?
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The first DoT applied will count as having dealt the killing blow. If you cast Contagion -> ED, then having IIR/IIQ on ED does nothing for you.
You want it linked to Contagion.
ok, tywm for your answer.

just another question...
What then with ascendancy occultist skill "Profane bloom"?

Is IQ/IR applied as well? ty
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With Increased Item Rarity, is there a point at which you can notice the difference in the drops, or is it just a subtle difference as the amount goes up?.
Quantity for this gem should give Item quantity % since Item Quantity gem is no longer exist(legacy)
Ginbuza Zinvurilian
If i link an IIR to a Wrath gem, when will i get the increased rarity?
Paxmilitaris wrote:
If i link an IIR to a Wrath gem, when will i get the increased rarity?

When you kill something with your Aura.
The Aura that applies to your allies, not enemies.
So never. :P
Gem description says it "Supports any skill that can kill enemies". Was Plague Bearer missed because of an oversight, or is there a technical reason why I can't link IIR to it?

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