Faster Projectiles

Are non-projectile skills linked to this gem affected by its quality bonuses?
I have a question about this gem.

Does it speed up normal attacks, or just the skill it's linked to?
Does it speed up other skills it's not linked to?

Here's how I have mine set up:

Would it only speed up poison arrow in this setup, or would rain of arrows benefit as well?
It's a Support gem. Support gems always exclusively apply to the skills they are linked to.
Ok that's what I thought, thanks!
has anyone tried faster projectile with incinerate ? does it make it go further ?
Yes. It's a Projectile, it benefits from stuff Projectiles benefit from. Also of note; the Quality bonus for Incinerate is Projectile Speed. Would be kind of wasted if it didn't work :P
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It's really great on incinirate, that extra range helps a lot.
"An it harm none, do what you will"

1. As you can see I focus most of my offense on my Spectres while playing Summoner. Gems of question is Faster Projectiles and Lesser Multiple Projectiles.

2. From provided screenshot you can see what my Spectres benefit from the provided links. However, increased projectile damage is not displayed. From neither LMP or FP.

Is this a bug? Is it unaccounted for? Is it accounted for, but not displayed?
I would very much like to get these questions answered.

3. This brings me to my final question in regards of summoner, which dosnt necessarily belong here, but in a sense does.

Can we somehow get a "DPS" display on "Raise Spectre" so we can compare / calculate or dependent on what Spectres we use see this? Would be really nice to have this implemented in the near future.

That is all, hope to see a reply. Thanks.
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Would it be possible to have these issues/questions resolved/answered? Thanks.
Bit of a niche support, this one. It's great on something like Freezing Pulse or Spark, but on a typical bow or wand skill, the extra projectile speed is basically irrelevant, so it's just a last-ditch source of increased damage. AFAIK it doesn't even improve the range at which Point Blank attacks get a bonus.

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