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Excellent app!
Please do it for Windows phones!!
No point looking back now. There's only death. And lots of it.
I don't need it for Windows phone, however, I've heard that Windows has made it really easy to port android and ios apps to windows starting with windows 10. Something to consider for the OP
Mismatched wrote:
Matacka wrote:
I just purchased the $2.99 pack and havr no options to save or anything featured?

Seems to work fine for me. To save, just click 'builds' and it will come up with the option.

It now works! I had to hit 'restore' in the builds section. I can now save. Fyi for those with similar issues. Great app.
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Matacka, great that you got this working. I still like to see what's happend when you purchased it. Did you get any message from google? Did you close Supporter pack screen yourself or it closed automatically when purchase was done? What's your device and OS version?
I would love a Windows Phone edition, hell make it a Windows Universal Application and people can use it on Windows 10 Desktop, Windows 10 Phones, Xbox One and so on.

If you need help with porting it, i could help out.
WinPhone owner checking in. I'd pay for that.
I will definitely look into porting it to Windows Universal App when i upgrade to Windows 10.
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Cool. Hopefully my Lumia 925 will be updated to Windows 10, theres preview software available for it atm but Im not gonna try that in case it bricks.

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Sorry for the off-topic :

Lumia 925 will get updated to Windows Phone 10, even my old Lumia 920 will get it.

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