POEMate 1.3 - Beginner's Tips section, Mana Sustain Calculator

Thank you for making this app. I have instantly bought supporter pack through I didn't bought anything from AppStore before. I was using PoESkillTreeApp and was very upset then developers left it. I hope you will not abandon app and will be able to update in time & develop it further.
P.S. Imo making save build payable service is fine, thing is too many people used to get stuff which requires a lot of effort to develop for free.
Matacka wrote:
I just purchased the $2.99 pack and havr no options to save or anything featured?

Seems to work fine for me. To save, just click 'builds' and it will come up with the option.
looks awesome, and +1 for windows version. I have an ipad but would rather use phone.

Good work.
Cool app!

BTW: For Celestial Punishment passive you have it worded strangely. Your wording implies that enemies have to be frozen AND shocked/ignited, rather than just one of the above which is how the passive truly works.

You should either seperate it into three grids (Increased Damage versus Ignited Enemies, Increased Damage versus Frozen Enemies, Increased Damage versus Shocked Enemies) or just put it all into a single grid with the same wording as the ability.

Also, for Chaos Innoculation you're missing the number 1 in "Maximum Life is set to 1"
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Thank you, been wanting one for a while since the last stopped working with the last iOS version. Bought.
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bhavv wrote:
Please make windows mobile version for plebs like me :(

Shouldn't windows phone users be able to use the regular skill tree (emitt's) once windows 10 rolls out?
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Nasreth, thank you for the first bug submit, this will be fixed in the next update.
Thanks for making this! I'll gladly pay 2.99 (already have) for something I'll use. I used the poeskilltreeapp up until it stopped working at 2.0. It's great to be able to play with trees on my ipad when I can't be at a computer.
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Big props, dude.
$2.99 is a steal - nice work!
I'm going to sleep, keep posting your feedback, make this topic visible please.

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