POEMate 1.3 - Beginner's Tips section, Mana Sustain Calculator

Any update coming for 2.4?
For Android out now, for IOS as soon as Apple review and release it, they got faster nowsays so maybe today or tomorrow.
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Great! Thanks man.

Again, you do a great job and I'm happy to be a supporter.
hey there, I have a problem, but first let me say that the app is pretty great, looks splendid, performs well, and I fully intend to pay on Thursday (when I get paid).
So my problem is that if I load a tree, and then hit RESET the program crashes. Sometimes when it comes back up the tree will have reset, but sometimes it will not, and then I have to Force Stop and Clear Data / Cache from Apps Manager. I could switch to another saved build, but the problem still persists on reset.
Sent a Report thing from the app, but never having used that before, not sure how long it takes to get to you.
Using this on a Huawei 7" (I know, but I got it free) T1 7.0, Quad 1.2GHz, 1G ram, running 4.4.2
Also, when starting a tree is it possible to start as just (say) shadow without having to specify Ascendancy in advance? I'm only a noob and even the trials are a bit much
Thanks for your time, and (awesome) app
(Update - this also happens on my S7 Edge, just tried it)
Any chance of an item importer/builder like poe builder used to have or the offline skill tree uses?
Hi I just noticed an error (currently using iPad)

Piercing wheel on far right just above Acrobatics keystone.

In game first one in is 10% chance of projectiles piercing
In app it says 10% increased projectile damage
I think I found a minor bug. In the misc section, there is a line for how many jewel sockets you have. It only counts empty sockets. When you select a jewel for the socket, that socket no longer gets included in number of sockets you have.

Thanks again for this app. I love it!
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Android beta 1.2.9 - beta version of new Sustain calculator. It allows you to select your links and shows your APS, Mana cost per cast and sustain time, taking into account all relevant stats.

To get the version with Sustain for Andorid please follow this link:
If you already have Supporter Pack please try it out and leave your feedback.
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Update: 1.3 - Beginner's Tips section, Mana Sustain calculator, 2.5 skilltree
Ranger starter is broken I try to go through the nodes but justpicks up the Dex nodes
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