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I don't think "supporter pack" will be approved by GGG since you are using their arts. Last time I asked about donation thing with my POE mobile app, GGG support told me any monetary thing is not allowed.

procurement is the only third party app that is allowed to collect donation at the moment.

I hope you will get a exception from them though. The app looks great !

Do let us know about the "supporter pack" result.
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Requiring paid version to save skill trees makes this a no go for me. Nice app, totally useless if I have to pay to not have to remake my build from scratch every single time.
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Xavyer wrote:
Supporter Pack

- You can save your builds.

Don't want to be rude, but that's like PoE with "enable saving character progress" as MTX. It's a demo with "buy full version", not a free app with "supporter pack". It's not bad itself, I just don't like a feel I've got reading your post.
Guys i will really consider making save build into base version, thank you for your feedback. But to do this i will need to add something nice in it's place for ppl that already supported the app, and i will need some time to implement it. Initial idea was to make poebuilder features as a base version. Also pls know that the build you are working on is being saved when you close the app in the base version and restored when you start it again.
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Windows Phone pleb checking in <3
Installing on my Android phone now. Thanks for putting the work into this!

+1 for Windows Phone version, too.

Edit: Wow, great work! Just playing with it a short while and it's really fast, smooth, and easy to use. I'm going to get the donate option for certain.
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I have only one thing to say:


was waiting ages for GGG to release PoE app, was dissapointed. But here it is :D
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After playing with it some more, some feedback:

Selecting jewel nodes on my phone (Android - Samsung Galaxy S4) can be a bit annoying, since it pulls up that massive jewel selection pane any time you select the jewel node. Perhaps allow that pane to be pulled up with a long press instead?

Another nice feature would be a jewel creator, so we can save rare jewels and add them to the list of selectable jewels. Maybe make that a donation feature (since I'm sure it will take a lot of work to implement) and move build-saving over to the free version?

Also, the physical menu button on Android phones currently doesn't do anything.

Either way, thank you so much for making an ad-free skill tree planner that works so well!
I picked up the donation version to show my support. I hope others will do the same, regardless of features. App developers that don't take part in the shady ad delivery portion of the marketplace deserve respect!
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I just purchased the $2.99 pack and havr no options to save or anything featured?
Just downloaded for android. Seems pretty good upon first glance, and I will buy support pack when I get home. I do agree saving builds should be a base feature, but regardless, I am happy to support such a useful app. Thanks for the work.

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