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Some mechanical information for the curious.
reduced damage from hits... does this include spells?

reduced damage from hits... does this include spells?

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something that I dont understand why fortify dont give same increase dps that melee damage

example: my cyclone dps without gems 5.526

with Melee damage gem lvl 12, inc 41%: dps=7791 (41%increase)
with fortify lvl 17, inc 41%: dps= 5912 (7% increase)


one say "more melee phy dam" and other say "increased melee phy dam", what diferent beetween "more" and "increased"? :P
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Increased and Reduced are additive with eachother.
More and Less are multiplicative with everything.

100 Damage with 200% Increased Damage works out as follows:
100 * (1 + (200/100)) = 300 Damage

Add in 40% Increased from Fort:
100 * (1 + (200/100) + (40/100)) = 340 Damage

40% More from Melee Phys:
100 * (1 + (200/100)) * 1.4 = 420 Damage
thx for info
I tried using fortify with counter-attack skills like riposte and reckoning and they do not trigger the fortify buff.

Is this the intended behaviour (which might be justified as it might make it too easy to get the buff) or is it a bug?

There is no information on the counter-attack skill gems that indicate that it does not satisfy the conditions for being able to be supported by the fortify gem, as they apply a melee hit when the counter-attack procs. Other gems (such as ice crash) have information regarding incompatibility with multistrike, and I would have expected this to be a similar situation if it is intended.
I'd want to ask to consider changing Fortiy's bonus from "Increased Physical Damage" to "Increased Melee Damage". Reasoning:

- You changed all the attack skills to scale with % Base damage, to (I assume) allow Elemental Damage scale with all skills, but;
- For some reason Fortify has only Physical Increase, meaning that Melee Elemental Damage is AGAIN not an (optimal) option for Fortify. I can't quite see why. Dealing MELEE elemental damage doesn't need to use Fortify? Or does it needs to only use Vigilant Strike (because Vigilant Strike DOES scale with Base Damage = Elemental Damage too) to get Fortify?

I tried using Hyaon's Fury with Lightning Damage scaling and some other stuff like Tempest Shield. Fortify is not an option is such setup, because I have to get rid of one of my damaging gems (and I need to use many of those) to use Fortify.
Now when I have Fortify, my damage is terrible, but I can stay alive. Without it, I'm doing "some" damage, but now I'm really squishy. On the other hand Vigilant strike doesn't do as much damage, and is only used as a "time waster" in DPS, meaning I need to stay longer taking damage, which in turns means I'll simply take more damage... :V Counter productive.

And while we're at the "way of getting fortify", I can't quite understand why it is ok to give us support gem that gives good amounts of (physical) damage, effectively replacing some other gem, with comparable amount of damage, AND granting the Fortify bonus, while it is not ok to be getting Fortify by using it in Counter Attack Skills (like, say, Riposte). By the same way it makes the Fortify more of a "passive" gain, but Counter Attack Gems somehow are the "easy ones", thus disabled. What is reasoning behind this?

Also, I'd say that Fortify is Multistrike 2.0 - additional obligatory gem, that you ALWAYS want to get. : /
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my only issue is the buff length with quality, I recently got mine up to q20, only to be disapointed, 6 seconds really? Should be at least 7 with 20% imo, the quality isn't worth the trouble.
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