Fortify effect should be hugely buffed and all defense in general must be buffed.

Add more Fortify effect nodes and increase all %effect on old nodes.
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Question: does Fortify help against reflected damage? If I understand correctly, when you hit a monster that reflects damage, you also hit yourself for a portion of the damage. And since Fortify is 20% reduced damage from hits, it reduces the reflect hit, right?
Why did you make every other on hit effect worth with Vengeance but not Fortify? I had a perfect setup, Vengeance, CoH, Warlord's Mark, Fortify. when I get hit I get extra leech and a defensive buff. It really doesn't make any sense....
I would consider changing it to a More melee damage (15-25%) to make it more attractive than the 'melee tax' it is now (another tax being melee splash, which is required for the majority of melee skills).
How is it people have unlimited fortify??
casioboy wrote:
How is it people have unlimited fortify??

Duelist Champions have a Passive that grants permanent Fortify.
Hey GGG I have a suggestion with this gem: First I think "increased damage" could be changed to a smaller "more damage", or make it more attractive to damage setups, fortify has been long too used in movements skills ignoring it as a damaging possibility.

Second and more importantly, my main concern is that it's bonus applies only to melee physical damage, what if I'm using a pure elemental melee build like Hyaon's or Oro's ? I think melee phys has way too many good modifiers (even weapon elemental damage is great as you convert to elemental anyways) so there's actually no reward of going pure melee elemental. This makes even more awkward that Fortify only applies to melee phys...why ? Fortify should be an universal melee support gem and not only give the upperhand to phys over pure elemental, I believe if it applies to elemental also this opens up melee build options.

Tl; dr: Change fortify bonus from "phys melee damage" to "melee damage", it's suposed to help all melee builds yet it gives the upperhand to already better phys to elemental setups.
Fortify by GGG written support gem description works with ALL melee attacks.

"Grants fortify on melee hit"

Vengance/Recokning/Reposte are all MELEE hits.

By the history of GGG, they FOLLOW WRITTEN DESCRIPTIONS to the 'T' on what links with what.

Fix the description, or fix the linking.

Right now, I don't give a damn about balance, opinion, bla bla bla, ... since it should link, and does not link .. IT IS BROKEN.

fix it.

p.s. it does highlight it linked to the skill gem (on mouse-over) as a support gem, just zero of the support gem buffs add to the skill gem.

B R O K E N.
time to give something similar to lightning warp users? u give all melee longest rage aoe and fortify but u cant give lightning warpers something? should all staff users with castspeed use leapslam slow as a turtle rip from all fast skills from bosses? time to balance the game better guys

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