goodcake's loot filter

Updated the entry for the visual filter list!
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Best filter ever.


PS:R-G-B still ones dosent showing in filter.
Brunodelabio wrote:
Best filter ever.


PS:R-G-B still ones dosent showing in filter.

Only RGB items that are 2x2 or 1x3 are highlighted. If you remove the height and width attributes in the vendor recipe section for both "SocketGroup RGB" entries, all RGB items will be highlighted.

It is setup the way it is for inventory management while mapping.

- Added the following to the list of valuable Divination Cards: The Polymath, The Saint's Treasure, The Spark and the Flame, The Valley of Steel Boxes
Thanks for the update! Been using your filter since your first version.
I love this filter, mainly because of the fade out, though I did recently change it to "Hide" I guess after leveling so many characters I realized I never used the bad bases.

One of my favorite parts about your filter is how clean its coding is, it's super easy to find something and add your own twist to the filter, I've looked at the coding of many other filters and they are just blocks of code with no spaces from the left to the right end of the notepad. You have to cntl+f to find anything in the filter and it's a nightmare to figure out what's actually going on with the coding.

This one is clean and (though long) (mine is up to 94 pages) easy to understand.

Because of this I used your filter as a template to cater to what I like:

I've changed it a lot, hiding old bases, hiding bulky/bad tier rares at iLvl 70+ (maps) (I manually put in every base name to ensure new base types are not automatically hidden) showing different chances and top tier rares for pure es/armour/evasion. Also set it up to show iLvl 84+ good base weapons and es gear (even white Hubris Circuits ilvl 84+ are worth 3c) Also did colors for map tiers, which was a pain cause you have to manually post in every map name. Oh, and I had it hide bulky chromes only in maps, found that when leveling I often needed chromes so bad I'd pick anything up.

Making the item filter of my dreams would have not been possible without your awesome, clean coding!


Ps: I look forward to your updates to catch any new div cards to add to the rare list or old ones to remove and other minor changes. Thanks for keeping it up to date. Honestly, my biggest fear when I first found this filter was that it wouldn't be updated regularly and I'd have study/keep up to date with patches or come back to a dead filter after long hiatuses from the game.
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Glad you've found it useful. I kept it huge and readable purely for the ease up maintaining it. I've considered implementing some of the things you mentioned, especially for higher tier maps/items, but haven't found a strong enough need to do so. Map tier coloring is the most likely thing I'll implement in the future. I have no plans to abandon this filter, even if the future changes are fairly minor. We'll see what GGG pulls out of their hat.

- Added formatting for Leaguestones
- Added formatting for Reliquary Keys
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- Added formatting for new Shards & Orbs
goodcake wrote:

- Added formatting for new Shards & Orbs

Thanks you )

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